'The Good Wife': Season 3's Best Moments

Angel Cohn

It was a very strong season for "The Good Wife" despite far too many irritating delays due to various sporting events, but cluttering up our DVRs with the awful string of CBS procedurals that follow the show was worth it because it really delivered plenty of the fantastic (and fantastically bizarre) moments that fans have grown accustomed to.

Alicia and Will
After all manner of steamy encounters in the first two years, Season 2 ended with a hook-up, and this season began with several sexy liaisons and double entendres in the office. But the best moment was when Alicia broke things off because it was just too much for her. Her teary walk away from Will made us love them both even more.

Keeping Us in Suspense
Will got suspended, and after aimlessly hanging around the office, he went home to wallow for a while. Then his two sisters came to nag him into doing something with his life (because being a partner at a law firm is nothing), assuming along the way that he's grouchy because he's in love with Kalinda. Sisters, if that were the case, Will would be at the end of a very long line.

The Boy Is Back
Not that we didn't like Cary butting heads with Alicia while he worked for the state's attorney, but watching him return to his original stomping grounds was quite the delight. And we liked finding out that he'd take Thurgood Marshall and Keith Richards to a desert island with him. The fact that his new job ticks off both Will and Peter just makes it a big win all around.

Interesting Use of Public Bathrooms
Every time Colin Sweeney is in the same room as Alicia, it's television magic. It was no exception to watch her perplexed and repulsed face as he detailed the non-romantic but sexual relationship with a former employee that led to a baby being created through artificial insemination. No one makes our skin crawl like the wife-killing Sweeney, especially when he's talking about sex in restaurants.

Elsbeth's Magical Powers
Later in the season, Elsbeth defended Will, which was great, but if we had to pick her most shining moment, it was when the quirky redheaded lawyer effortlessly put a Treasury official under her magical spell using the power of a beautiful cupcake. She's fast-talking, quirky, and knows her opponents' weaknesses. We'd absolutely make sure her parking got validated.

Liar, Liar
Mike Kresteva has no idea what he's in for, after having irked Alicia Florrick in an attempt to further his own gubernatorial run. Seeing him quickly twist her words into a he said/she said scenario was disgustingly wonderful, especially because it lit a fire under Alicia to help secure the governorship for her estranged husband. This is not going to be pretty.

Let's All Go to the Lobby
We never really cared who won in the battle between cheese and fruit, or their common enemy, vegetables. But we did love seeing Amy Sedaris as the weird Stacie Hall, trying to outfox the normally savvy Eli. And their kiss was so wrong, it was very right.

The New Girl
When given the chance to choose a new first-year associate, Alicia has to decide between Martha and Caitlin. While she picked Martha, she was forced to bring on Caitlin instead for nepotistic reasons. Alicia was uppity about the whole deal but eventually had to accept it; after all, she herself had been originally hired because of her relationship with Will.

Mo' Money, Mo' Problems
When Alicia needed a major cash influx to keep a roof over her head, and while she was waiting on news of her raise, she received a lucrative job offer from Louis Canning. She smartly used one offer to leverage the other, and we got to see more of Canning's manipulation of Alicia in the process.

We didn't care that Jason Biggs invented -- or co-invented -- a form of virtual currency. What we did care about was seeing Kalinda work her magical charm on computer nerds in order to find out who was responsible for the product. It was Kalinda doing what Kalinda does best.

Double Dating
We never took Diane for a player, but we sure did love watching her pit Kurt and Jack against each other via a phone battle for her affections. Our only complaint is that we haven't had more chances to see her date and torture one guy with tales of the other as part of her beautiful juggling act.

Mother Doesn't Know Best
Peter finally got the balls to tell his mother to stay out of his business with Alicia, particularly when it involved buying their old house again. It was a long time coming, considering that Peter is well into his 40s. Time to cut those apron strings, Mr. State Attorney. Sure, it might have caused Jackie's stroke (if we really believe that she's not faking it), but it was still well deserved.

Pull Up a Chair
Alicia's been furious at Kalinda all season (with good reason), but the silent gesture in which she turned around a bar stool for her former best friend -- indicating that there's hope for them -- was perfectly executed and more powerful than words.

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