'The Following' sneak peek: Kidnapped Joey sneaks a phone call to his mom [Exclusive video]

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Kevin Bacon's new TV crime thriller, "The Following," might only be four episodes in, but the action's continuing at a frenetic pace.

In this exclusive sneak peek at the Feb. 18 episode, "The Siege," detectives and FBI agents are on the hunt for the kidnapped Joey (Kyle Catlett) and might have caught a break when he calls his mom, Claire Matthews (Natalie Zea). The officials have set up shop at Claire's house in hopes of receiving exactly this kind of information.

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"I wanna go home. Why can't I come home?" an understandably distressed Joey says. (Being the son of a serial killer turned serial-killer mentor isn't easy.) Apparently, Joey managed to momentarily sneak away from his kidnappers -- Emma (Valorie Curry), Paul (Adan Canto), and Jacob (Nico Tortorella) -- who are all disciples of his incarcerated father.

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Claire smartly has Joey describe the place where he's being held as best he can; he says that it's a big farmlike house in the country. His mom asks if Denise (the alias Emma used while babysitting Joey) is still with him. He says that she is, along with Paul and Jacob. Joey tells his mom that Paul, in particular, is mean to him. When his mom asks if the kidnappers know that he's on the phone, Joey says, "No way -- they'd kill me if they knew I was on the phone." Expectedly, Claire is freaking out, but not as much as she's about to when she hears Joey start screaming. Paul finds him under the table, grabs him, and drags him away.

To find out how the effort to save Joey from his abductors is going, tune in to "The Following" on Monday, 2/18 at 9 PM on Fox.