'The Biggest Loser' recap: And it all comes down to one

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"The Biggest Loser" -- "Lead by Example"
"Lead by Example" Episode 1406

White Team member Danni was operating solo for the second week in a row, but on the "Lead by Example" episode of "The Biggest Loser," the Red and Blue Teams also found their fates coming down to one person.

When the teams entered the gym, host Alison Sweeney was waiting to greet them with three giant dice covered with photos of the contestants from the first day they landed at the "Biggest Loser" ranch. The dice, they learned, would be used to determine which one of them would weigh in at the end of the week. Or rather, which one contestant's weight would be used to determine the week's winning and losing teams. The trainers, Bob and Dolvett, would roll the dice for their teams, and the face that landed on top would be the person whose week-five weight loss would determine the fate of his or her team.

For the White Team, Danni's it, so no dice necessary.

The contenders immediately realized this meant a lot of extra pressure on each of them for the week, as any one of them could end up being responsible for sending a teammate (or themselves) home.

That realization set off the week's first meltdown, as Blue Team member Gina started to cry, prompting trainer Bob to get annoyed with her again, and for the two of them to start jawing at each other.

Red Team's Jackson also had concerns, since his workouts haven't exactly been free of drama -- or vomit. He worried that he'd let his team down with the extra pressure weighing on him.

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Teen role models

The trainers did their weekly video check-in with teen contestants Biingo, Lindsay, and Sunny, and their jobs for the week also involved solo missions; they were challenged to take on the task of planning an activity that would help and inspire their fellow teens in some way.

For Sunny, that meant planning a fun workout circuit for her gym class, while Biingo started Biingo's Activity Club to encourage his friends to get involved with real-life physical sports instead of spending all their competitive energies on video games.

Meanwhile, Lindsay held a pep rally for kids who've been bullied, and got emotional when she shared her experiences with her schoolmates. The event ended on a high note for the teens, when pop star Cody Simpson showed up and shared that he had been bullied, too, and then sang for Lindsay and her friends.

It's OK if you don't know who Cody Simpson is, by the way. Just think of the first person whose poster you had plastered on your wall when you were 13, and you'll get it.

Walking the Plank

The week's challenge -- with a prize that promised all the contestants on the winning team would receive letters from loved ones at home -- was yet another solo mission. One person from each team (and, of course, Danni as the only member of the White Team) had to walk across a balance beam, pick up plates with a calorie count on each one, walk back across the plank, er, balance beam, and pair the calorie count with the correct food entrée.

Oh, and that walk across the balance beam? The contestants had to make the walk while two large, long padded pendulums swung back and forth, threatening -- and succeeding -- to knock the contestants off with each step they took.

After several times each of getting smacked off the beams, Gina, Jackson, and Danni figured out how to maneuver their way to and fro, but Danni yet again proved herself to be an incredibly strong competitor and paired all her calorie count plates with the corresponding dishes before Gina and Jackson, and earned herself a very sweet, supportive letter from her father.

Update: Pam

Producers checked in with Danni's last teammate, Pam, who has definitely been keeping up with her workouts since returning to her New York City home. Pam has lost 65 pounds since she started "The Biggest Loser" this season, and yes, she's still trying to make "Damn, girl" her catchphrase. But like Gretchen Wieners and "fetch" in "Mean Girls," Pam needs to realize she just isn't going to make it happen.

The most fun last chance workouts ever … for some

Jillian is so happy with the progress Danni has made, especially while being a team of one, that she says Danni is almost more like a workout partner than a contestant. After a pit stop at Subway, where Danni asks the sandwich maker to scoop out the doughy bread (yeah, we know, the best part, but let's face it, also the least healthy) and fill up her sammy with lean protein and lots of veggies, Jillian and Danni head off for the best last-chance workout ever: parkour training.

Yes, just like James Bond in "Casino Royale"! OK, not really anything like that at all, but still very cool, especially when the women got to dive into a giant pit of foam cubes.

Dolvett also planned a special last-chance workout for his Red Team: boxing with Laila Ali. Muhammad Ali's daughter inspired the Red Team with her workout and her personal motivation, and she shared with them that she wasn't always in such fit condition herself, until she found her own personal motivation.

The Blue Team, which has been the most successful team of the 14th Season so far, was not having nearly as much fun back at the ranch, where Bob was pushing them hard in the gym. Would it be enough to secure another Blue Team victory?

A roll of the dice

Weigh-in time meant Dolvett and Bob had to roll the dice to see whose weight would represent his or her team's efforts for the week against Danni. For the Red Team, it was Joe, who lost eight pounds, or 2.68 percent of his body weight.

Danni's weigh-in revealed another impressive week, with six pounds lost, or 2.82 percent of her weight.

That mean Blue Team's Joe had a lot riding on his weigh-in, which required him to lose at least nine pounds for his team to earn another victory and avoid having to send anyone home. His starting weight: 329 pounds. This week: 323 pounds.

The biggest loser, in the good way, on the Blue Team for week five was Michael, who dropped another eight pounds. That brought his total for the season to 81 pounds -- wow! -- and gave him immunity for the week.

When members of the Blue Team cast votes for who would leave the ranch, they chose law enforcement officer and dad of seven David, whose efforts they respected, but who they also said they felt was the Blue Team member most likely to keep up his weight loss efforts when he got home.

Not gonna lie: We were worried about David. Not only does he work a stressful job, but he admitted in last week's episode that he worries about taking care of his family, especially his oldest daughter, who was stricken with the debilitating Rett's syndrome when she was a child and requires constant care.

But the post-elimination update caught up with David at home, where he has lost a total of 87 pounds -- going from 307 to 220 pounds -- and looks like a completely different person (one 10 years younger).

He said he feels better, is better able to do his job and care for his family, and he's even inspired his fellow officers to work out beside him.

So, another happy ending for this week, but how will the contestants react next week, when, as a preview showed, they learn the teams are being disbanded, and everyone will be riding solo?

"The Biggest Loser" airs Tuesdays at 8 PM on NBC.