'The Bachelor: Sean Tells All' recap: Sean admits to feeling duped by Tierra

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Finally, Bachelor Sean grows a brain!

Well, he had one all along, but it seems Tierra's eyebrow hypnotized him into thinking she wasn't a crazy person.

On this tell-all special, Sean opens up about his feelings and reactions to his romantic journey this season. The guy is hopeful that his wife is maybe, possibly, kinda-probably one of the three women remaining: AshLee, Catherine, or Lindsay.

"When I accepted the role of Bachelor, I thought maybe if I'm lucky, I'll develop feelings for one person," he tells host Chris Harrison. "I had no idea I'd develop such strong feelings for three women."

He has, and not only that, he had strong feelings for other women in the house. Let's take a walk down Sean's memory lane and get answers to some of the burning questions:

Does he regret eliminating Desiree?

How heart-wrenching was their goodbye last night? (We're still kinda teary over it). While Sean struggled with whether to send Desiree home during the rose ceremony, he seems to be at peace with his decision now.

"I kept asking myself, can I spend the rest of my life with this person?" he says. "With Catherine, it was a resounding yes. With Des, it was a 'I think so.'"

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Did Desiree's brother, Nate, spoil everything?

Well, actually, yes. Sean wanted to hit Nate for calling him a playboy. "I can't think of a bigger insult to hurl towards me," he huffs.

But what's strange is the unseen footage that reveals that when Sean and Nate spoke privately earlier that night, Nate apparently called him a "nice dude"! So the later confrontation took the Bachelor by surprise.

What happened with Sarah? And Selma?

Sean liked both ladies, but he tells Chris that he just didn't see things progressing with either of them. In fact, after his one-in-one with Selma, he thought she might be "The One." But the whole "I can't kiss you on national television" thing bugged him. When Selma finally took the leap to plant one on his lips, it was too little, too late.

If Lesley M. had said "I love you," would it have changed anything?

Again, Sean is heartbreakingly honest. "Yes," he admits to Chris. He might've kept Lesley M. at least another week had she managed to speak those three magic words. But something was holding her back, so perhaps it all worked out for the best -- by which we mean, Lesley M. for the next Bachelorette!!

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So … Tierra. WTF?

Sean doesn't have any excuses for this blunder. He admits that he should've kept Jackie instead of Tierra on their two-on-one date. And if he'd known Tierra was fighting with the sweetest girls in the house, he would've sent her home packing long before.

"My take is, Tierra never should have come on the show," Sean told Chris. "She's not suited for this show. She doesn't know how to handle herself in this environment. She’s a woman, and I hope that she's learned from this, but she’s a woman who simply can’t get along with her peers."

Sean agrees that Tierra could've ruined the entire season for him. "It really could have. I'm so thankful that was not the case," he says. Thank your sister, Shay!

One juicy behind-the-scenes tidbit: That fight between Tierra and Robin, the one Sean passed through? It lasted for hours. And made Catherine weep (but, hey, what's new?).

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Where did Catherine come from?

We love bold, brassy Catherine, but until their one-on-one ice castle date, she barely registered on our radars. (Of course, Tierra was sucking up so much oxygen, it's a wonder any women survived in the house.)

Apparently, Catherine and Sean engaged in a love letter courtship of sorts. He reveals she gave him little goofy notes. Early on, when he wanted to kiss her, she gave him a note with her lips imprinted on it. "She literally gave me a sign" to kiss her, he says.

Is there gonna be some bow-chicka-wow-wow in those fantasy suites?

Sean has been upfront about his faith and beliefs. But Chris Harrison, being Chris Harrison, can't help but ask what Sean's going to do with his time there.

He demurs at first. "What Bachelors have done before me, I don't know," Sean says. He wants to use the time to get to talk to the ladies without any cameras present.

Oh, come on, Chris needles him … that's all?

Sean gives him a little glare. "It's really none of your business."

What goes on in the fantasy suite stays in the fantasy suite.

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