'The Bachelor' recap: Rolling in the deep

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"Episode 1704" - A gritty warehouse is the location for a topsy-turvy roller derby with Sean and eight of the bachelorettes. Sarah faces another physical challenge that causes her to have emotional breakdown, but Sean proves to be supportive and helps her to try and overcome her fears. All of the women push themselves past their limits until one woman falls hard and is rushed to the hospital. At the after party that night, fireworks erupt as Robyn and Tierra clash, leading one of them to storm off, threaten to leave and then dissolve in tears. It's up to Sean again to comfort the distraught woman and to figure out if the tears are genuine or crocodile, meant to manipulate him into giving her a rose, on "The Bachelor."

One woman goes to the hospital, another threatens to leave, several others ugly-cry … it's just another week on "The Bachelor."

This might be the most injury-ridden season ever in "The Bachelor" franchise. Tierra already fell down the stairs, and this week, Amanda went splat. And if Selma had lost a handhold, she might've tumbled down the mountain.

As they say, "Love hurts."

Desert storm

Selma's very, very excited about her one-on-one with Sean. Unfortunately, her euphoria is short-lived when she finds out what her date entails: hiking and mountain climbing in the desert. Ew, sweat!

"He took the Iraqi to a desert," she grumbles. "I do not do well in heat at all."

Her distaste for the activity is clearly written on her face, but Sean encourages her to soldier on. And hey, this is what you do for the man of your (supposed) dreams, right? Well, Selma actually does dig deep and find her inner mountain climber, even powering past Sean at one point.

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Time for her reward! No, it's not a glamorous dinner, but they cozy up in a cute, unique RV park. All of Sean's endorphins are going, it's a beautiful night, he's got a beautiful woman to make out with … Screeeeech! Put on the brakes, buddy. As Selma explains, she comes from a very conservative Arabic family that doesn't believe in dating or kissing in front of people.

But Selma's lips are a magnet -- Sean keeps drawing closer and closer, and she very gently keeps turning him down. The guy has to content himself with snuggling, poor thing.

Wheels up

Group date time! And it's another active one -- roller derby! Most of the girls are both intrigued and horrified, except for Amanda, who says she's done roller derby before. She gleefully starts circling the track, while the other women struggle to stay on their feet.

Meanwhile, Sarah is scared and embarrassed. Having only one arm causes her to have balance issues and she keeps wiping out. Sean comforts her, but she considers quitting the date.

She doesn't have to, though, because something terrible happens. Amanda -- she of the cocky "I can skate circles around all of you" attitude -- has fallen flat on her face and possibly broken her jaw!

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Sean sends her off to the hospital with his best wishes, then cancels the roller derby part of the date. Instead, they'll just free skate like they did when they were giddy young teens. Whew!

Later, as they enjoy evening cocktails, Amanda returns from the hospital to everyone's relief. Her jaw is fine, though her mouth hurts -- and she's not above playing the sympathy card to get the evening's rose. Sean seems sympathetic, but doesn't appear to be falling for it.

The villain of the season, Tierra, is pouting. She's sick of sharing Sean, she's sick of the other girls, she's sick of the cameras not being on her all the time -- she wants to leave!

"I can't be tortured like this!" she declares, walking … somewhere.

Meanwhile, Sean and Lindsay are having a private makeout session and are about to move it to the hot tub when Tierra springs out of nowhere to grab him. He asks her what's wrong, and she tearfully talks about how she's "so sensitive and so emotional."

She calls the whole experience "torture" -- yeah, because wearing fancy dresses, traveling around the world, and living with a constant open bar is just like waterboarding.

Surprisingly, Sean isn't turned off by her histrionics. In fact, he convinces her to stay! He gives her the group date rose!

The other women are all, like, "Whaaat?" Ditto, ladies, ditto.

All that glitters

Before her one-on-one date, Leslie H. gets a very nice surprise: diamond earrings to wear for the date. Fancy!

Even fancier, Sean picks her up in a sweet little sports car and takes her to Rodeo Drive for a shopping spree -- it's straight out of "Pretty Woman." Seriously … Best. Date. Ever.

Leslie picks out a sparkly dress, shoes, and bag to match her bling, and they go off to the elegant dinner that Selma had hoped for.

But once they get there, it's pretty clear these two don't have any chemistry. For one thing, Sean's not grinning at her like a fool. And she's not making googly eyes back at him. "It's so frustrating," he says, reeling off her many good qualities.

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Time to break the bad news: He tells Leslie that while she's a wonderful person, he's not feeling a romantic connection. She doesn't get the rose and leaves, wishing him the best.

Ben Taylor was supposed to perform a romantic song for them, so Sean has to listen alone (so sad). He's starting to question whether this whole thing is really going to work. Don't lose faith, Sean!

Rose ceremony

He might be having doubts, but Sean doesn't want to waste any time at the cocktail party. He makes sure to take aside some of the women he didn't get to spend much time with, like AshLee, Robyn, and Catherine. A lot of kissing and making out takes place -- that should turn his frown upside down.

Watch a deleted scene:

The women are gossiping about Tierra again, and she decides to confront a few of them about why she keeps getting "all the heat." Maybe it's because you ignore some of them, treat Sean like a prize, and throw dramatic fits?

She gets some private time with Sean and informs him that the other ladies don't really like her. He promises not to pay attention to that, to only consider what happens between the two of them. Sigh … we've always wondered why the leads never listen to house gossip. Most of the time, it turns out to be true.

Time to hand out roses. Sean gives them to Catherine, Desiree, Lindsay, Lesley, Robyn, AshLee, Sarah, Jackie, and Daniella.

With Leslie H. already gone, the only one left out is Amanda. She'll have to nurse that sore jaw all alone.

So, is Sean making a terrible mistake with Tierra? Who's your favorite so far? Check out "Bachelor" reactions from Twitter, then weigh in with your thoughts in the comments below!

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