'The Americans': Watch the opening sequence for FX's new Keri Russell, Matthew Rhys drama [Video]

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Felicity Porter, spy girl?! Well, that was the idea that led "Felicity" creator J.J. Abrams to come up with "Alias," but in this instance, we're talking about Felicity herself, Keri Russell, and her new FX drama "The Americans."

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The series, which premieres on FX on Jan. 30, stars Russell as a Russian KGB agent who is paired with another agent (played by "Brothers and Sisters" alum Matthew Rhys) to marry, move to the United States, and pretend to be an American couple, all in the name of carrying out their spy duties.

When we're first introduced to Elizabeth and Phillip Jennings, they're happily (or so it seems) ensconced in suburbia with two kids, a nice house and, of course, a huge secret identity that's threatened by a new neighbor Stan Beeman (Noah Emmerich), an FBI agent whose specialty is tracking down foreign spies on American soil.

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"The Americans" -- we've seen the first two episodes and are already hooked -- is set in Washington, D.C. right after the election of President Ronald Reagan. If that storyline and Russell's return to primetime aren't enough to make you put the show on your TV-viewing calendar, consider this: Margo Martindale, who won an Emmy for her unforgettable performance as Mags Bennett on "Justified," has also joined the cast as Claudia, the Jennings' KGB handler.

"Justified" creator Graham Yost is an executive producer on the show, by the way.

The new opening title sequence will debut during the second episode of "The Americans."

"The Americans" premieres on Wednesday, 1/30 at 10 PM on FX.