'Teen Wolf' Pack Teases Season 3: New Hair, New Home, New Romance

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5 'Teen Wolf' Season Three Teases!
'Teen Wolf'

The third season of "Teen Wolf" starts this week, so get ready to howl at your flat-screen. There have been a lot of changes behind the scenes of the MTV hit. There are major additions to the cast. And the show moved its home base from Atlanta to Los Angeles. Tyler Hoechlin said he's thrilled to be closer to his family.

But, of course, moving can be disorienting. Crystal Reed told Yahoo! TV a funny story about "Wolf" director Russell Mulcahy. Apparently, the new indoor courtyard set is too convincing because Mulcahy lit a cigarette in there, thinking he was outside. Ha.

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What else is up with Season 3?

Tyler Posey is excited about his new 'do. "I had performance hair, you know?" he said. (Yes, we do.) "Scott McCall was a dork, and he had to come out of his shell, so in the third season he's more of a man and his hair is just him. In the first two seasons, it was crazy, like, why are they spending so much time on my hair?"

If Posey had to tweet something about Scott's journey besides the coif, he says he'd talk about Scott's "inner struggles and character development. Things get fairly intense this year."

The same is true for Hoechlin's character. "I can tease that there may or may not be a lady friend," he grinned. "And then a lot more action, a lot more problem solving. Derek dug himself into a pretty big hole. He's gonna have to claw his way out."

Hoechlin scores extra points for using the word "claw."

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Reed shared that she thinks audiences will relate to her character's new evolving relationship with Scott. "It's true to form in regard to typical teenage relations," she said. "In Season 3, we are not together but we're still around each other, and we're exploring other romantic things with new people, which happens all the time. [Showrunner] Jeff Davis has a great way of doing those things. That's the only thing that grounds the show, the relationships. It could easily go off into something ridiculous, but those are things make people relate."

We visited the new set for Allison's bedroom, and whoa. The set designer clearly had carte blanche at Anthropologie and did a very good job with it. "The apartment looks like a massive suite on the Upper East Side," Reed gushed. "I like it because it has a lot of windows for werewolf access."

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Holland Roland has a message for her character, Lydia: "Get ready to be normal. Now that true love is gone, she is forced to join the rest of the pack and become friends with everybody else."

And that means talking in a lower pitch, which pleased Roland (and her vocal cords). "As an actor, it was nice because I got to be a little more normal," she explained. "I talk an octave lower in Season 3."

Which probably only makes it all the more exciting when she screams in a high pitch because something bad happened, right? We shall see.

"Teen Wolf" Season 3 premieres Monday, 6/3 at 10 PM on MTV.