'Teen Wolf' Howls to Jennifer Lopez

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LEFT: Tyler Posey in "MTV's "Teen Wolf" Seaosn 3. RIGHT: Jennifer Lopez and Tyler Posey in "Maid in Manhattan."
Tyler Posey in MTV's "Teen Wolf" Season 3 (left) and with Jennifer Lopez in "Maid in Manhattan" (right)

Anyone who watches "Teen Wolf" knows that Tyler Posey is truly all growed up. But those of us who adore the 2002 modern-day fairy tale "Maid in Manhattan" have an even deeper appreciation of his evolution.

In the movie, Posey played Jennifer Lopez's precocious, Richard Nixon-obsessed son who helps play matchmaker for his hard-working mom and a dazzling, decent politician (Ralph Fiennes).

Watch the "Maid in Manhattan" trailer:

Posey tells us that he watched the movie "not that long ago" and that people ask about it a lot. And yes, he misses his big-screen mom: "I want to talk to her. I feel like she doesn't remember me."

We disagree! How can anyone forget Posey?

The 21-year-old adds that Lopez invited him to her birthday party when he was 15 years old, but he couldn't go because he was working. Well, of course she'd understand that. She's J.Lo.

We think "Teen Wolf" is as good a place as any for a reunion. Paging La Lopez!

"Teen Wolf" Season 3 premieres Monday, 6/3 at 10 PM on MTV, and Season 2 is now available on DVD.