'Teen Wolf' + 'Breaking Bad' = High (on Meth) School

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Holland Roden as Lydia in "Teen Wolf" Season 3.

"Teen Wolf" star Holland Roden brings major intensity as popular, passionate Lydia on MTV’s breakout hit. And Roden is equally intense about the TV she watches. "I am the biggest 'Breaking Bad' fan," she gushed at a recent event for the "Wolf" Season 2 DVD. "I get on the forums. Aaron Paul was the first person I followed on Instagram. Supposedly, he watches 'Teen Wolf.'" She even knows that the producers use blue cotton candy as a substitute for meth, which she says is great for her as an actress because she's "a huge sugar addict."

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If there's ever a "Teen Wolf"-plus-"Breaking Bad" mashup, Roden wants in. "I wanna sell blue meth legally on TV," she joked. "I think Lydia would be the best partner for Bryan Cranston since Gale (David Constabile). A teenager selling meth is not gonna be an issue. You have 'Teen Mom' and that's OK, so now we can kick it up a notch with some drug-dealing 16-year-olds, right?"

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Finally, Roden is not the only "Wolf" in heat. "Aaron Paul follows (Tyler) Posey on Instagram," she revealed. "He and Posey had a thing together, so Posey was introducing the rest of us [at Comicon] and I was, like, omigod. And then Dylan [O'Brien] had an audition with him and I was, like, omigod. I couldn't handle it. Dylan didn't start watching the show until after the audition so he could keep his cool. Otherwise, he would have freaked out."

Watch the trailer for the new season of "Teen Wolf":

"Teen Wolf" Season 3 premieres Monday, 6/3 at 10 PM on MTV, and Season 2 is now available on DVD.