'Survivor: Caramoan' Recap: Game Change

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"Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites" -- "Operation Thunder Dome"
"Operation Thunder Dome" - The Gota and Bikal Tribes line up during the sixth episode of "Survivor: Caramoan - Fans vs. Favorites."

Everybody, drop your buffs!

When Jeff Probst speaks those words, you know things are about to get very interesting on "Survivor." This week, the fans and favorites got remixed into two new versions of Bikal and Gota, and already, the dynamics of the game have changed significantly.

That's especially true for the fans, with Reynold and Eddie no longer on the chopping block and Michael and Matt targeted for their close bond. They might not be romantically involved, but they're still a "couple," a very dangerous threat in this game. And so the remnants of Stealth R Us in the Bikal camp, led by Phillip, eliminate Matt and his gnarly beard.

Harmony and unity

After Brandon's epic meltdown at tribal council, the faves return to camp and to rehash the craziness they just witnessed. Phillip proclaims he's sorry for Brandon, while Corinne is annoyed that Dawn didn't stick up for either of them.

Then, Phillip rallies the group, saying one of the faves should win the game, no matter what. Of course, as he says this, he also reveals that he wants to get rid of Corinne next.

Over at Gota, Reynold hopes that something in the game changes soon. While he has the immunity idol, that can only get him so far.

Luckily, his wish comes true! Both tribes troop to what they think will be a reward challenge, but nope! Jeff informs them that they're switching tribes. The new tribes are as follows:

Gota (orange): Eddie, Reynold, Andrea, Malcolm, Sherri, Erik, and Brenda

Bikal (purple): Corinne, Phillip, Michael, Matt, Cochran, Julia, and Dawn

With a new bag of rice, both tribes head back to their respective camps. As Jeff says, "The game just started over."

Scrambling man

Reynold, being as crafty as he is, immediately starts working on his new tribemates. "It's Day 1 for Eddie and me now," he crows. He dishes about Sherri and her alliance to Erik and Malcolm, who play along but feel like the guy is a used car salesman.

Meanwhile, Andrea and Brenda chat up Sherri, who unleashes a torrent of info on them about how Reynold played an immunity idol and is looking for another one (unbeknownst to her, he found it).

Over at Bikal, Phillip is spouting some nonsense at Julia about how she should flip and be the last member of Stealth R Us. Credit to Julia, who hasn't always been the brightest bulb, for seeing right through him.

When Phillip tells Corinne about his little chat with Julia, she goes bonkers. They don't need a flipper at this point, she argues. "He's the worst federal agent I've ever met," Corinne fumes. "Is that the reason our country is such a mess?"

Immunity challenge

The tribes return to the scene of Brandon's hissyfit to compete in the challenge they didn't do last week. It involves rolling very heavy crates, then using them to complete a staircase puzzle.

It's clear right away that Gota, with their young and fit players, is going to win. In fact, they destroy Bikal.

Back at camp, Phillip makes a speech about how they all did their best and everyone gave 110 percent. Corinne is again fed up. "On a scale of one to on an airplane next to a baby annoying," she says, "he's on the airplane next to a baby annoying and the baby has diarrhea."

Matt asks Phillip who they should vote for, and Phillip indicates Julia. Then he spouts off some nonsensical stuff about testing him and Michael, how someone from Stealth R Us (but not him!) will approach them and they have to do whatever is requested. Um, OK.

Matt's willing to kiss Phillip's butt, but Corinne isn't too sure about him. What if he has an immunity idol? And as Cochran points out, Michael and Matt are very close and it's always dangerous to keep a couple around. Maybe they need to break up the M&M duo.

At Tribal, Corinne seems to be be on the fence. She really likes her new gay best friend, Michael, and she also likes Matt. In fact, she likes them so much, she'd replace some of her own alliance with them. But there's the idol to consider, she says.

And in the end, fear trumps friendship, and the tribe votes out Matt. With the numbers they have in both tribes, it looks like the favorites are going to stomp all over the fans.

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