'Survivor: Caramoan -- Fans vs. Favorites' exclusive clip: Cochran's worst enemy

Yahoo! TV

How to follow up a tremendous season of "Survivor"? Go back to the setup that produced possibly its best season ever -- fans vs. favorites.

When "Survivor: Caramoan" premieres tomorrow night, 10 familiar faces (the favorites) return to do what they couldn't do the first time around: outwit, outplay, and outlast. They face 10 new faces (the fans), who will try to draw upon their in-depth knowledge of the show to triumph over the veterans.

One of the returning favorites is infamous flip-flopper John Cochran from "Survivor: South Pacific," whose machinations helped get rid of the beloved Ozzy Lusth. In this exclusive Yahoo! TV clip, Cochran's survival skills are no better than the first time around -- he gets badly sunburned almost instantly.

Even his toes are bright red. As Brenda Lowe ("Survivor: Nicaragua") laughs, "He's all swollen, like a little pregnant lady."

Love him or hate him, we know we'll be talking about Cochran for as long as he lasts on "Survivor: Caramoan"!

Who are you rooting for this season on "Survivor"?