'Suburgatory' preview: George thinks pink just as his old friends pop in for a visit [Exclusive video]

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George decides to embrace the makeover Dallas gives him to ensure his style meshes more with his Chatswin surroundings, but he may not be feeling his new look quite as much when his old NYC pals arrive and he realizes his makeover has made him into his uptight neighbor, Sheila Shay!

In fact, while doing yardwork wearing his pink shirt, khaki shorts, and fancy sun hat, George is looking exactly like Sheila, which prompts her to call them "twinsies" and prompts him to usher his visiting friends into the house for a cold brew.

Meanwhile, in the episode titled "Friendship Fish," George's daughter, Tessa, has her own Shay-related drama, when Lisa decides to bond with Tessa by spending every single minute with her. Female bonding in Lisa's world includes snacking on smoked fish, and you know what they say ... friends who eat smoked fish together end up in the hospital together.

Well, that's what they say on "Suburgatory," anyway.

"Suburgatory" airs Wednesday, 11/28 at 9:30 PM on ABC.