'Star Trek: The Next Generation' Gag Reel: Worf Messes Up His Lines, Walks Into Doors [Blu-Ray Exclusive]

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo! TV

Klingons always conduct themselves with the utmost dignity. Well, maybe not always.

Season 3 of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" makes its Blu-ray debut next week, and the set's bonus features include a priceless gag reel, which Yahoo! TV has an exclusive sneak peek at right here.

In it, cast member Brent Spiner (Data) explains that his co-star Michael Dorn (who played Worf, the ship's Klingon security officer) always had trouble enunciating his lines through the fake Klingon teeth he had to wear. Then we get to see Dorn mangling some technical "Trek" verbiage ("What the hell is a sugar lift?") and cracking up co-star LeVar Burton (Geordi La Forge) in the process. (It's great to see the always-stoic Worf crack a smile for once, isn't it?)

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The coup de grace: Worf takes an order from Captain Picard and walks off the ship's bridge... only the doors don't slide open, so Dorn walks straight into them and crumbles to the ground. We just hope that poor door operator was fast enough to outrun an angry Klingon.

Season 3 of "Star Trek: The Next Generation" on Blu-ray hits stores Tuesday, 4/30.