'Sons of Anarchy' star Katey Sagal and castmates launching a music tour

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"Sons of Anarchy" - Ryan Hurst, Katey Sagal and Theo Rossi
Ryan Hurst, Katey Sagal and Theo Rossi

"Sons of Anarchy" fans know series star Katey Sagal has a beautiful voice. Her cover of "To Sir With Love" was a highlight of the show's fifth season finale.

And now, "SOA" devotees can go beyond the soundtrack and see Sagal perform live. "Katey Sagal: An Evening of Music and the Cast of 'Sons of Anarchy'" will find Sagal and several of her "SOA" castmates on tour next month. Sagal will sing tunes from the series, as well as a few of her favorites from an album she'll release later this year.

"In between acting gigs, I always have a band and play whenever I can," says the actress, who, earlier in her career, was a backup singer for Bob Dylan, Etta James, and Bette Midler. "I make another record it seems like every 10 years, and this is my third solo release.

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"I am particularly excited, because I have all new material that I have yet to play live. I also love being a part of 'Sons of Anarchy,' so I'd say I am generally excited."

"Sons" stars Theo "Juice" Rossi and Ryan "Opie" Hurst will interact with fans during a moderated panel session at the performances, which kick off in Kansas City on April 18. Sagal and company will also perform in Milwaukee on April 19, Minneapolis on April 20, and Chicago on April 21, with more dates to be added.

"Yes, we will be playing in the future if all goes well," she says. "We will be playing in the future if no one shows up, too. It's at the heart of who I am and of who we are."

Sagal will be backed on the tour by the Forest Rangers, the band that collaborates on music for the show. "Sons of Anarchy" music supervisor Bob Thiele Jr. is the Forest Rangers bandleader and guitarist. Thiele will tour with the "SOA" cast.

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"We love playing, because that is where we all started many years ago," says Thiele. "Katey, like the rest of the band, started singing in bands in her teens. And here we are, still at it, years later. It's pretty cool."

Meanwhile, Sagal and her co-stars -- well, except for Hurst (R.I.P. Opie) -- are scheduled to begin filming the sixth season of FX's most popular series in May.

Sagal is not the first TV star to mix music with small-screen stardom. A few of our other favorites:

While Rick Springfield was breaking hearts as Dr. Noah Drake on "General Hospital" in 1981, he was moonlighting like a "Working Class Dog" (the name of his platinum-selling album) as he toured in support of his Grammy-winning hit "Jessie's Girl." Springfield, who is still touring, is also returning to "GH" as Drake in April, when he'll be joined by his actor-musician son Liam Springthorpe (Springfield's real last name), who will play an undercover cop on the soap.

Their name says it all: Band From TV, made up of TV actors who formed a cover band to raise money for their favorite charities. The band, which has recorded an album and appeared on "American Idol" and "The Tonight Show With Jay Leno," includes founding member Greg Grunberg ("Heroes," "Alias," "Felicity"), James Denton ("Desperate Housewives"), Adrian Pasdar ("The Lying Game"), Hugh Laurie and Jesse Spencer (both of "House"), Bob Guiney ("The Bachelor"), and Teri Hatcher ("Desperate Housewives"). "Lost" and "Once Upon a Time" favorite Jorge Garcia, "Chuck" star Zachary Levi, and "Nashville" star Hayden Panettiere have also made guest appearances with the group.

"Full House" alum John Stamos, who often professed his love for The Beach Boys on the ABC sitcom -- on which the band even guest-starred -- has toured with the group off and on since his "Full House" days. He has even recorded songs with them and appeared in their "Kokomo" video.

Watch The Beach Boys on "Full House":

"Kokomo" music video:

Remember the 1992 Aaron Spelling series "The Heights," which aired for about three months on Fox? The show starred actor-singer Jamie Walters, who played the lead singer of the titular fictional band. The show was most definitely not a hit, but the theme song, "How Do You Talk to an Angel," performed by the band (i.e., Walters) became a No. 1 hit on the Billboard charts.

In a 1987 episode of "Family Ties," Alex P. Keaton's younger sister, Jennifer (Tina Yothers), performed a cover of The Raes tune "Baby I'm Back in Love Again" with her high school band. Yothers later recorded and released the song. (In the "Family Ties" video clip below, note the other members of Jennifer's band: Christina Applegate and Rain Phoenix.)

And, of course, the ABC drama "Nashville," in which Connie Britton and Hayden Panettiere star as country music superstars, features music actually performed by Britton and Panettiere, who recorded songs that were released on the show's soundtrack CD, "The Music of Nashville: Season 1, Volume 1."