'Scandal' Tweet-cap: What a Girl Wants

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"Scandal" -- "A Woman Scorned" TONY GOLDWYN, KERRY WASHINGTON
"A Woman Scorned" - The team continue their investigation into the mole and make a shocking discovery in the process. Meanwhile Fitz orders Jake to continue to protect Olivia, who is still very much in danger, and back at the White House Mellie's ultimatum forces Cyrus into the role of "fixer," on "Scandal."

This time, the girl did get the guy. But wow, are there going to be serious consequences. Like, maybe impeachment-level consequences!

After nearly two seasons of back-and-forth, will-they-or-won't-they, Fitz and Olivia finally get back together. He chooses her instead of appeasing Mellie and watches as the first lady goes on national television to out his affair.

He chooses love, and the cost just may be his presidency.

Someone to watch over you

Olivia is highly perturbed that Jake is still following her around on Fitz's orders. He's even watching her swim -- not cool, guy, that's her private time. She calls Fitz and chews him out, but he insists that Jake is going to keep an eye on her.

Meanwhile, Mellie threatens to give a national television interview in 36 hours revealing Fitz's affair unless he gives up Olivia and asks her to come back. As Cyrus is dealing with this terrible situation, James tells him that he has a new job. He's going to be a TV anchor for BNC. "I could be the next Anderson Cooper," James crows. Cy is so distracted with Mellie moving out of the White House that the news barely registers. Uh, didn't he hate it when James was a print reporter? How is this any better?

Over at Pope & Associates, the gladiators are still trying to figure out who the mole is. And guess who's helping them? Huck!

Of course, Huck knows right away that the guy from the hospital security feed is Charlie. And Charlie is Cyrus's guy!

Olivia is reeling from the possibility. But she wants to make sure -- after all, the last guy they wrongly accused of being the mole ended up dead. So, the gladiators start tracking Charlie to a bakery that he likes. Olivia also reluctantly OKs the team to hack Cyrus's phone.

Fitz calls her and asks her to come see him. When she refuses, he threatens to go see her instead, so she storms over to the Oval Office (with Jake still on her heels). "What?!" she demands.

"We're over," Olivia tells him.

"We are not over. We are never going to be over," Fitz replies (he really does have a way with the romantic declarations).

"I'm not a toy that you can play with," she says. "If want me, earn me." You go, girl!

The clock is ticking

Cyrus is still trying to fix the Mellie situation. He pleads with her to come back; she'll get a big issue of her own, like gun control, to oversee. But it isn't enough -- hell, she could pull a Hillary and run for her own Senate seat if she wants. "I want what I asked for," she says. "Nothing less." Respect, Mellie, respect.

Then, the chief of staff tries to fake out Jake, having Fitz's secretary call him to stand down. But when Cyrus shows up at Olivia's apartment, Jake is still there and rebuffs Cy's attempt to go inside.

Jake confronts Olivia about her relationship with the president. "How deep are you in with him?" he asks, after confessing that he finds her amazing (doesn't everyone?). Olivia kisses him to shut him up, but he continues to ask. "I don't know what you're talking about," she says with an icy glare.

Meanwhile, the gladiators have tracked Charlie to a gym and then a book club (where he read "50 Shades of Grey," LOL). There, they discover Charlie had a lady friend!

Cyrus returns home, and a very happy James jumps him. Guess that new job makes all their marital problems moot?

But Cyrus's glow quickly fades the next day when he sees news vans lined up outside of Blair House. The Mellie-bomb is about to blow. "She's an incredible threat," he warns Fitz. "You love this job? You love being president?"

But that makes Fitz realize that he needs to give the woman he loves what she wants. And that woman is Olivia. He goes to see her and asks for another chance.

"You can't fix the fact that I love you," he says. "That I love you more than I love being president. I've told you that I'd give it all up for you again and again. I think you believe that I will never choose you."

To prove it, Fitz tells her they're going to watch the clock run out together. Mellie's ultimatum isn't answered. The interview will take place. He has finally chosen Olivia, once and for all. She gives in to her passion and kisses him.

The whole truth

The gladiators question Charlie's lady friend, who turns out to have been the stenographer for the Defiance trial. They realize that Cy probably isn't the mole; he was just trying to lock down the truth about Defiance.

Jake is rewatching his spy footage and sees Charlie enter his own apartment and watch footage of Jake and Olivia kissing. Uh-oh, now Cy knows about Jake and Olivia!

Mellie gives her interview, and guess who's asking the questions?

"My husband had an extramarital affair," she tells James tearfully, as a horrified Cyrus looks on. As she talks about Fitz's betrayal, we cut to glimpses of him and Olivia going at it (superhot!).


After their wild romp, they take a shower together. Olivia is grinning blissfully. "Hi," he says.

"Hi," she replies.

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