'Scandal' Tweet-cap: The Head and the Heart

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"Scandal" -- "Molly, You in Danger, Girl" KERRY WASHINGTON, KATIE LOWES
"Molly, You in Danger, Girl" - When details from an old case don't add up, Olivia's team must backtrack to figure out if they made a mistake. Worse still, this mistake has potentially put them all in serious danger. Meanwhile, Olivia and Jake's relationship starts to heat up, while at the White House Fitz and Mellie's relationship hits a new low, on ABC's "Scandal."

Olivia gets a good smack upside the head in this episode -- but is it going to do any good? Will she ever get better taste in men?

After watching Fitz play dutiful husband on TV, she decides to go all in with Jake. But of course, as soon as they sleep together, she turns on his TV and realizes he's spying on her! Not only that, maybe he's going to try to "take care of her" (in a murder-y way). Seriously, Olivia needs like a boring, nice-guy accountant for a boyfriend. One who isn't a killer, like both Jake and Fitz are.

The mole hunt is back on

Inside Olivia's apartment, we breathe a sigh of relief as Jake starts shutting down the cameras he's planted. Oh, wait ... sike!

After Fitz gives a press conference declaring Osbourne a traitorous mole, Cyrus reminds the president and first lady that they're set to do a network interview. Things are super tense between Fitz and Mellie, but if he's going to announce his bid for re-election in six weeks, this interview is key.

They agree to put on happy faces and do the interview.

Meanwhile, at Gladiator Central, Osbourne's wife comes to Olivia with proof that, at the least, he didn't kill himself. You see, his suicide note didn't address her properly.

Harrison is sure that Olivia won't take the case, but of course she does. She's Olivia!

The gladiators go into action, interviewing the coroner and trying to chase down Molly (dead Wendy's BFF). Wouldn't you know it -- Molly got a huge cash infusion and cleaned out her apartment. And she's the one who fingered him as the mole, so guess Osbourne's wife was right.

Then Abby realizes this means David Rosen is still in danger, so she runs over to his apartment to bring him back to the office. Now that's love.

Of course, later, when Abby admits that she still has feelings for him, David shuts her down because he can't trust her.

A not-so-ideal husband

So, apparently, Cyrus has been staying at a hotel, having been kicked out by James over the whole Defiance thing. As he gives Fitz talking points for the interview, the president urges him to work things out.

Cy gets a call from Olivia, who informs him that Osbourne wasn't a traitor and that the real mole is still out there. He's incredulous and accuses her of subconsciously trying to destroy the White House.

But a disbelieving Cy is the least of Olivia's problems. Jake overheard (oversaw?) their conversation and knows that Olivia knows. He tells his mysterious boss/accomplice, who orders him to "take care of it." Eeep!

At Gladiator Central, they're still tracking down Molly, but she's probably about to leave the country. David suggests he use his Homeland Security connections to have Molly put on the no-fly list.

At the White House, the interview begins, and it's sickening to see how easily Fitz and Mellie play the part of a happy couple.

They laugh and joke about how they met at some tavern and Fitz knew right away they should be together. In her own apartment, Olivia is watching, but soon can't take anymore. She rolls her eyes and shuts the TV off.

Fed up with the whole Fitz drama, Olivia makes a surprise visit to Jake's apartment. He sneaks into her purse and turns off her phone (oh no, he didn't!). When she's about to leave to go back to work, he asks her to stay. After a long, meaningful gaze, they start ripping each other's clothes off.

Quinn soon realizes that Huck is taking too long and, alarmingly, isn't answering the phone. She badgers the storage building manager to let her watch the security footage.

Meanwhile, Cyrus decides he's had enough of hotel living and returns home. James wants him to leave, but Cy suggests they go to couples therapy. James is all like, you've got to be kidding.

Cy shoots back that if James really couldn't stand what he did, then he would've written about the rigging or turned Cy in. James made a choice to stand by him, and "it's rotting inside you." Angry because it's the truth, James says, "I wish you had lied."


At the White House, a drunk Fitz watches the interview, then asks Mellie if she remembers how they really met.

He goes on to say that the accidental meeting in the tavern was no such thing; it was all orchestrated by his father. Since Fitz's family came from "new money," Big Gerry wanted him to marry a blue blood. "It wasn't a blind date, it was a merger," he says. "It was just shy of prostitution. They sold you to me."

"Marriage is almost all pretend. For everyone," Mellie replies. At least theirs is.

Quinn's still searching for Huck and methodically opens different storage units until she finds the one with the crate. Frantically, she breaks it open and finds Huck, tied up and shivering, inside. He's pretty messed up -- probably a recurrence of his PTSD.

Back at Jake's apartment, Olivia sneaks out of bed to get a drink of water. Then, she turns on the TV and -- holy gladiator -- sees the camera feeds of her apartment.

Jake catches her, then blocks her from leaving. They wrestle a bit, Jake pins her down, and points to the TV. "I'm not going to hurt you!" he says. There's an assassin in Liv's apartment at that very moment. Well, maybe he didn't intend to hurt her, but Olivia banged her head and blacks out.

At the White House, Fitz calls Cyrus and asks if he worked things out with James. Then, he unloads his heaviest moral burden by confessing that he killed Verna!

"Would she forgive me? If she knew?" Fitz asks, of course referring to Olivia.

A shocked Cy tries to process as best as he can. "You did something, sir," he replies. "It doesn't mean you don't deserve to be happy."

The gladiators gather to review the storage building's security feed. Earlier, they had tracked down Molly, but she was then killed in a hit-and-run. Whoever did that is also the person who messed with Huck.

And that person is ... Charlie! He calls Cyrus: "There's been a development." OMG, is Cy the mole? Is HE Albatross?!

In the hospital, Olivia wakes up to see Jake hovering over her. He quickly tells her to say that she was in her apartment when she was attacked, Jake saved her, and they have never met before. Hmm.

Suddenly, Fitz shows up. A silent, confused Olivia watches them shake hands. Uh, what? Her boyfriends KNOW each other?! Jake leaves them alone. "Hi," Fitz says softly.

As he leans down to embrace, Olivia's tear-filled eyes dart around. Even with a concussion, she knows something very weird is going on.

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