Get Caught Up on 'Revenge' With a Nolan Ross-Hosted Recap [Exclusive Video]

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo! TV

We know, "Revenge" fans: It's been far too long since our new favorite primetime soap has aired a new installment. Six weeks, in fact -- almost long enough to forget what Victoria Grayson's icy stare looks like. But thankfully, new episodes of "Revenge" start again next week... and we've got the perfect way to get ready.

"Revenge's" resident tech billionaire, Nolan Ross, is here with a quick video recap of all the twists and turns to hit the Hamptons so far this season. Check it out right here: 

In the video, Nolan (Gabriel Mann) addresses us directly via webcam, taking us through a five-minute rundown of Emily Thorne's deliciously evil plan to take down the Graysons and anyone else who contributed to her father's downfall. It's all here: Emily's romance with Grayson scion Daniel, Tyler's crazycakes rampage, and the fateful Labor Day shooting that landed Daniel in jail. Plus, Nolan throws in a few of his trademark one-liners, saying of Emily, "She has more secrets than most girls have shoes," and even taking sides in the Emily-Daniel-Jack love triangle, stating for the record that he's "totally Team Jack."

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For newcomers to the series, it's a great way to get up to speed on one of TV's buzziest new dramas. And for junkies like us, it's a fun refresher that gets us in the mood for more "Revenge." And it even offers us a tantalizingly brief sneak peek at what's to come. We're happy to report that this sordid tale of upper-crust vengeance is just getting started.

New episodes of "Revenge" premiere Wednesday, 4/18 at 10 PM on ABC.