'Revenge' stars tease Season 2 finale, promise show will refocus on 'characters they love'

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Emily VanCamp arrives at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Presents An Evening With "Revenge" at the Leonard H. Goldenson Theater held at the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences on March 4, 2013 in North Hollywood, California.

The Academy Of Television Arts & Sciences Presents An Evening With "Revenge"

The Academy of Television Arts & Sciences hosted an evening with "Revenge" in Hollywood on Monday, where Yahoo! TV caught up with the cast about what we can expect as Season 2 wraps up.

"We're really trying to refocus the show and make it more about the emotional aspects about the characters they love, rather than introducing new characters," said star Emily VanCamp, who plays Emily Thorne. "I think we lost a little bit of that, just a little bit."

Some critics have been harsh this season, pointing out how certain plot lines (like the Initiative) may have gotten a little too crazy.

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"The Initiative will wrap up," Emily's on- and offscreen love, Josh Bowman, told us. "I'm excited to get back to the core characters."

"We have a great opportunity to refocus the characters towards one another as well, and dig a little deeper into their pasts," added Thorne. "We've done a lot of the action crazy stuff. At the end of the season, you will see more emotional twists and turns rather than explosions."

Despite some criticism, Nick Wechsler -- who plays Jack Porter -- doesn't see where else they were supposed to go during Season 2.

"There was a simplicity to Season 1 and a sort of elegance there, but I kind of don't know what they could have done differently," he told us Monday night. "They needed to introduce certain new characters. That may not have gone over well for some, but I think everyone is going to like what we have coming up."

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So what is coming up? Well, don't expect Jack and Emily to jump into a relationship following Amanda's death.

"It's too soon for them to be together," Wechsler dished. "He's freshly devastated, and then he learns some stuff that makes him not trust Emily. We're not going to see them team up for revenge anytime soon, but heartbreak will be driving his revenge engine as well. Things are strained with Nolan as well."

Let's just go through Emily's love square, shall we? Things aren't going to be wrapped up nicely with Emily and Daniel either.

"There's a return to romance for Daniel, but whether that's with Emily or Ashley you will have to see," Bowman told us. Who knew Ashley was still an option? "It comes down to one of them."

Barry Sloane, who plays Aiden Mathis, also isn't feeling too confident about his and Emily's relationship at the moment.

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"There are so many possible new pairings of people," he said. "People want to see Nolan and Emily together as well, and who knows? Maybe they will."

That's right. This love square may have just turned into a pentagon.

"I hope there is something [romantic] with Nolan and Emily," Gabriel Mann (Nolan Ross) told us. "There is something there. That is one of those character relationships that we will dig into. I'm just not sure what we are going to find yet!"

"I think Aiden has a good shot, though, in the end," Sloane said about Emily's ultimate soul mate.

"Coming up, there is a lot of Aiden, Nolan, and Emily working together as a team," teased Sloane. "It's fun being part of that whole group once Nolan allowed him in."

Speaking of Nolan, when we were chatting with Mann, we had to let him know that all we could think about lately was how there has to be a Nolan Ross spinoff show down the line.

"Something I would love to see is the 'Nolan and Aiden Spy Capers Gone Awry' show," he said, laughing at the possibility. "It's sort of the odd couple with some ninja moves, guns, knives, and lots of snarking along the way."

For the record, the entire "Revenge" cast is fully on board for a Nolan spinoff.

"It is going to happen," Sloane said, matter–of-factly.

"That would be great," agreed Josh Bowman. "What a great character, great actor, and great guy."

"I love Gabriel Mann," said VanCamp at the mention of the idea. "I would watch it definitely. I would want [Emily] to be on it!"

But right now, Gabriel Mann's attention is on his current hit show.

"We have a lot of plotline to cut through and people to kill still. We are burning it all down on the way to the finale. Fans won't be disappointed."

Watch the "Sacrifice" episode of "Revenge":

"Revenge" returns Sunday, 3/10 at 9 PM on ABC.