'Revenge' Sneak Peek: Who Is Threatening Emily and Daniel? [Exclusive Video]

Yahoo! TV

Things are getting interesting in the Hamptons.

Yahoo! TV has an exclusive first look at Sunday's all-new episode of "Revenge," titled "Victory." In the clip, Daniel (Josh Bowman) receives an envelope with a photo of himself and Emily (Emily VanCamp) along with two bullets.

After talking with the cast a few weeks ago, we know that the Initiative storyline is wrapping up ... so could this be one last threat on their part? Or could Emily be behind the package in order to get Daniel to do something?

So many questions that we hope will be answered this Sunday!

What we do know is that, as Season 2 winds down, the show plans to refocus plot points toward the characters that fans love.

"We have a great opportunity to refocus the characters towards one another as well, and dig a little deeper into their pasts," Emily VanCamp told us. "We've done a lot of the action-crazy stuff. At the end of the season, you will see more emotional twists and turns rather than explosions."


"Revenge" airs Sundays at 9 PM on ABC.