'Revenge' Season 2 first look: Emily is seeing red [Photo]

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo! TV

She broke Daniel Grayson's heart, ruined the Grayson family business, and may have even been responsible for Victoria Grayson's plane exploding in a ball of flame. But Emily Thorne's quest for vengeance is far from over. We've got a first look at the Season 2 poster for ABC's addictive primetime soap "Revenge" right here... and it doesn't look like Emily's ready to let up anytime soon. Check it out:

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Keen-eyed "Revenge" fans will remember that the Season 1 poster looked remarkably similar to this, with our anti-heroine Emily standing atop a pile of jagged thorns, looking vengeful. But while that one had a pristine sky-blue background, this season's poster is drenched in red -- a hint that things are about to get very bloody in the Hamptons, perhaps? Plus, we're intrigued by the Season 2 tagline, "Her next move." With Daniel firmly in her rear-view mirror, how will Emily continue to antagonize the Graysons? And will the sudden arrival of Jennifer Jason Leigh as Emily's unhinged mom throw her plans off-track? 

Of course, until "Revenge" returns for its hotly-anticipated sophomore season next month, all we can do is guess. But at least we have a pretty poster to look at in the meantime, right?

Season 2 of "Revenge" premieres Sunday, 9/30 at 9 PM on ABC.