'Punk'd': The Five Best Pranks [Video]

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Celebrities, watch your backs: MTV's "Punk'd" is back after a five-year hiatus and ready to trick a whole new generation of stars with its elaborate practical jokes. And sure, this week's premiere may feature Justin Bieber pranking Taylor Swift -- but we're still nostalgic for the days of the original-recipe, Ashton Kutcher-hosted version. Here, we get you ready for the return of "Punk'd" by turning back the clock and reliving the five best pranks in "Punk'd" history.

How Beyoncé stole Christmas
Pop superstar Beyoncé is led to believe that she ruined Christmas for a group of schoolchildren when she helps light a Christmas tree. After performing a carol, the pop star is lifted to the top of a giant tree by a crane. As she attaches the star, the tree tumbles over and the teachers below hurriedly scramble to help the person who is trapped under the fallen tree. All the while, the kids are screaming at Beyoncé, "You ruined Christmas!"

Click to 5:35 to watch Beyoncé get punked:

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Jessica Alba is tormented by a naked Dax Shepard
Alba may be a big star, but she gets upstaged here by "Punk'd" cast member (and future "Parenthood" star) Dax Shepard, who makes Alba (and all of us) squirm when he walks around buck naked in a clothing store Alba is visiting. It must not have bothered her that much, because she continues trying on clothes in spite of his nudity -- but her facial expressions here are priceless. We don't know what Jessica's problem is, anyway; he's just "being Euro."

Click to watch Jessica Alba get punked:

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Neve Campbell dabbles in child endangerment

After failing to punk the "Scream" star twice before, Ashton finally succeeds on his third attempt when he tricks her into believing that she's sent a young boy away with strangers. While having lunch at a restaurant, a kid approaches Neve and says he's lost. She helps him find his group and they take off in a van. Only moments later, the boy's dad appears and freaks out that Neve had given his son away to complete strangers.

Click to watch a snippet of Neve Campbell getting punked:

The Rock's trailer explodes, then he does

You won't like The Rock when he's angry! While on the set of his film "Be Cool," The Rock's trailer explodes into a ball of fire. When he's blamed for the mishap, the wrestler-turned-movie star gets so angry, he nearly starts a fight, forcing the hidden camera crew to reveal themselves to tell The Rock that he'd just been punked.

Click to 5:25 to watch The Rock get punked:

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Justin Timberlake gets his stuff repossessed, cries
Some things are classic for a reason. It's clear why this is the granddaddy of them all, the most famous prank in "Punk'd" history: It features a huge megastar (Justin Timberlake) completely falling for the prank -- and completely (and hilariously) crumbling as a result. JT comes home to discover government officials (including Shepard, again) confiscating his precious belongings to pay off a hefty tax bill. When Justin gets choked up as he calls his mom for help, and when he gets all mad as the officers destroy his prized guitar… that's just reality-TV gold right there.

Click to 7:45 to watch Justin Timberlake get punked:

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The new season of "Punk'd" premieres Thursday, 3/29 at 10 PM on MTV.