'Once Upon a Time' preview: Five juicy scoops about 'Into the Deep'

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Jennifer Morrison and Ginnifer Goodwin in the "Once Upon a Time" episode "Into the Deep."

Even sleeping is dangerous for the characters of "Once Upon a Time."

In the last episode, a link was established between Fairy Tale Land and Storybrooke via an enflamed dream world. Finally, Snow White and Emma can communicate with their loved ones Charming and Henry.

But entering the fiery dreams is a dangerous task, and with Cora and Hook still hunting for them, Snow and Emma need to find a way to get out of Fairy Tale Land -- fast.

The cast sat down with reporters on the Vancouver set of the show to tease what we can expect from the November 25 episode, "Into the Deep."

Warning: light spoilers ahead!

1. Prince Charming? More like Prince Hero!

While Henry was the one to make contact with Aurora (Sarah Bolger) in the fire dreams, Charming (Josh Dallas) decides he can't let his grandson take the risk again. He enlists the help of Mr. Gold and Regina to enter the dream world himself.

"It's a huge danger. He could go in and never come back," Dallas said.

So why does he jump into the fire, so to speak? True love, of course!

"He just wanted to see her just one more time, whether that meant him staying in there forever or get out," Dallas explained. "He knew that she would be in there. He knew it. With true love, you have that connection. It's a huge sacrifice. He's not thinking of it that way. He's thinking, 'I just want to see my wife.'"

2. Snow and Charming have an emotional reunion

"I cried every time I read that scene in the script," confessed Ginnifer Goodwin, who plays Snow.

"It was a great moment when we were filming it," Dallas said. "She's faltering a little bit and not quite as confident and sure as he is."

While they're able to find each other among the fires, Goodwin revealed, "they're not even able to touch."

The aftermath is just as touching, with daughter Emma doing the mothering this time.

"Snow needs a bit of caretaking after coming face-to-face with Charming," Goodwin explained. "Emma has to really get Snow under control and take over as leader."

3. Hook gets his, uh, hooks into Aurora

The dastardly captain does manage to get down the beanstalk and link up with Cora again. They're after the compass, which is in Emma's possession, and they target the weak link of the group: Aurora.

"He knows how to work her. He knows how to work people," Colin O'Donoghue said of his character. "He knows what weaknesses she has and how to exploit them."

Hey, one devilish smile from Hook, and we might just do about anything he asked!

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4. Snow isn't ready to forgive Regina (or vice versa)

In Storybrooke, Regina is still trying to shed her queen-ness for Henry's sake. "There is good in Regina," noted Lana Parrilla. "She is genuinely trying to do the right thing."

But over in Fairy Tale Land, Snow White isn't so sure.

"We will discover that Snow has grappled with this question her entire life: whether or not the queen is capable of change," Goodwin revealed. "We do learn that Snow gives her chances time and time again."

Now that Snow knows that Cora's evil knows no bounds, might she be more sympathetic to her nemesis? Uh, no.

"There's zero dialogue between them," Parrilla said. "I don't think Regina has any interest, honestly, in speaking to Snow or apologizing or any of that."

"What's done is done, we never have to get along," she continued. "But with Emma, because they share Henry, that relationship has to be figured out. It's almost like divorced parents, right?"

5. Emma will need Hook

When Hook and Emma finally come face-to-face again, well, let's just say he won't be happy about having been chained up in the giant's den.

"She didn't want to leave him; she wanted to believe him," Jennifer Morrison said of Emma's actions. But because of what happened in her past with Neal, she says, "you see why she can't take that risk."

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In this episode, "there is a confrontation," she teased. "Unfortunately, Emma is put in a situation where she now needs something, and he has the upper hand. There's a constant ping-pong back-and-forth of a power shift between them."

About a potential romance between the two, O'Donoghue said, "I don't know where their relationship goes, but there's a definite spark."

He added with a grin, "But I think he sparks with women in general."


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What do you hope to see in Sunday's new episode of "Once Upon a Time"? Are you a Hook/Emma shipper?

"Once Upon a Time" airs Sunday, 11/25 at 8 PM on ABC.