'My Strange Addiction': Texas woman smells, eats, drinks vapor rub daily [Video]

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This week's episode of "My Strange Addiction" is likely to give you the chills, when the series explores a San Antonio woman's 20-year addiction to vapor rub.

In this video clip, Danielle, 33, shares her experience with the mentholated gel, which she fell in love with as a child with a cold. "I remember the first time I put it on my chest cuz I was sick. And it just smelled so good to me, I wanted to taste it. And it just went on from there," she says.

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Danielle currently uses vapor rub inhalers, patches, candles, and the rub itself -- which is her favorite -- daily. She is candid about the many ways she applies the cold remedy: rubbing it on her eyelids, inhaling it for up to a minute at a time, rubbing it on the back of her tongue, and mixing it into her morning tea.

"I usually coat the [tea] bag with a little bit of the vapor rub, and then I'll do a full teaspoon. It kind of coats your throat, and it stays there," Danielle says.

And this addiction doesn't come cheap; she spends up to $350 on vapor rub products monthly, and she can't go more than 30 minutes without a fix.

To learn more about Danielle and her bizarre dependency, tune in to "My Strange Addiction" on Wednesday, 3/6 at 10 PM on TLC.