'MasterChef' Exclusive: Watch Gordon and Company Get 'Glee'ful

Yahoo! TV

This week's episode of Fox's "MasterChef" gives new meaning to the phrase singing for your supper as, according to this exclusive clip, the remaining 14 home cooks will be serving lunch to more than 100 cast and crew members on the Los Angeles set of "Glee."

The clip shows the wannabe chefs arriving at Paramount Studios in awe of the famous fountains, arches, and soundstages where productions like "Forest Gump" and "The Godfather" were filmed. As they roam the hallowed halls of Lima's McKinley High, bespectacled Bri is the first to connect the dots on where they are, and her realization is ecstatic to the point of being bleepable. Later, in the recognizable choir room, judge Gordon Ramsay picks up on her excitement and jokes that she "looks like [she] just walked off the set."

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Airing Wednesday at 8 PM, this is the second team challenge to send the contestants back to school. The first required them to make a meal for a giant group of hungry elementary school children on the blacktop.

Wonder which set of palates will wind up being pickier and harder to please?