'Magic City': How the Magic Was Made (Exclusive Video)

Brian Wallace
Yahoo! TV

If you don't get the look of a period piece right, almost nothing else matters. You could have a fantastic script and a cast of talented actors, but if an outfit, a car, or even a couch looks totally out of place in a scene, suddenly the entire illusion is shattered.
That's why the folks behind Starz's new drama "Magic City" built a 14,000 sq. ft. time machine. "Magic City" takes place in 1959 Miami Beach in the swanky Miramar Playa Hotel -- and while the Miramar Playa is a work a fiction, its lobby and its nightclub, the Atlantis Lounge, are part of the largest studio set ever built in Florida.

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Take a look behind the scenes at what it took to provide an era-accurate background for the story of Miramar Playa owner Ike Evans (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) and his struggles with unions, women, family, and mobsters in the sunny South Florida of five decades ago.

"Magic City" premieres April 6 at 10pm ET on Starz.