'Graceland' Episode 2 Exclusive Clip: GI Joe's in the House!

Yahoo! TV

Rookie FBI agent Mike Warren's got a case of "new guy" syndrome on Thursday's new "Graceland."

Episode 2, titled "Guadalajara Dog," has Mike (Aaron Tveit) going undercover as an army soldier selling bullets on the black market to a gangbanger. It's all part of a mission to pit two rival gangs against each other.

"We've got GI Joe in the house, guys," jokes Johnny (Manny Monatana) when Mike emerges in fake fatigues.

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The only problem? His awful Southern accent — all part of the "character." That causes senior FBI agent Paul Briggs (Daniel Sunjata) to roll his eyes.

"Listen, Mike, you're not playing Curly in 'Oklahoma,'" Briggs says. "If it doesn't flow out of you second nature, you should drop it."

Mike looks abashed. "Dropped."

Tsk tsk … if you're really in the military, Mike, it's "dropped, sir!"

"Graceland" airs Thursdays at 10 PM on USA.