'Gossip' Boy Disses Blake Lively in the Name of 'Graceland' [Video]

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Aaron Tveit and Blake Lively in the "Gossip Girl" episode, "They Shoot Humphreys, Dont They?"

Big girls don't cry. But big boys are a different story.

No actual tears were shed when "Gossip Girl" guest-star alum Aaron Tveit stopped by the Bravo Clubhouse to tell Andy Cohen about his new USA show "Graceland" on "Watch What Happens Live," but things did get emotional. Tveit's not a household name, but you probably remember him as Trip Vanderbilt, cousin of Nate Archibald (Chace Crawford), on "Gossip," or maybe you saw him in the low-budget winter sleeper "Les Misérables."

There's no way to soften the blow, so let's just say it. Tveit told Cohen that, during the shooting of "Gossip Girl," Blake Lively kind of ruined his birthday. Gasp! Yes, Andy Cohen made great Andy Cohen face when Tveit whined that the leggy blonde took three hours to come out of her trailer on Tveit's special day.

His message to Lively: "So, if Blake's watching, I want you to think that I remember that, and you were cool, but that wasn't very nice."

Tveit throws shade at Lively at the 13:30 mark:

We're sure that Lively's hubby, Ryan Reynolds, promptly freaked out, turned off the TV, and made his bride spend the night on the Pottery Barn sofa with all the Anthropologie doorknobs they supposedly bought recently.

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In Tveit's defense, it's not as though it's the first time someone ever flapped his gums about gauche behavior on "Gossip." Rumors about cast members bratting out about everything from costumes to scripts have always been afloat. You could fill a library with bad press about "Gossip Girl" ex Taylor Momsen, who was rumored to be late, miserable, and generally just plain bad. And recently, rumors swirled that Lively is pretty much doing everything short of calling in the Green Hornet to stop a "Gossip" film from happening. Now, in her defense, it's not as if she's alone in the let-it-be camp.

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The happier topic of the night was best onscreen kiss ever. Eternally hunky Ethan Hawke, who was hanging out in support of "Before Midnight," praised Angelina Jolie as best kisser. Tveit, who has fewer girls to choose from, singled out "Ugly Betty" star America Ferrara because she "kissed like she meant it."

The boys dish on kissing their co-stars:

Because of the seriousness of "The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants" (and because she's busy doing other stuff), Ferrara is not likely to respond.

Check out photos from Tveit's "Graceland":