'Game of Thrones' Season 3 trailer: 'Death is coming for everyone and everything'

Kelly Woo
Yahoo! TV

Winter isn't just coming… it's almost here! "Game of Thrones" Season 3 premieres in five short weeks, and as a voiceover says in the new trailer, "It's been a long time, my old friend."

The 60-second, full-length trailer -- which debuted Friday night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" -- shows the first glimpses at footage from the third season, including a shot of a dragon flying toward a ship.

Check out our second-by-second breakdown:

0:04: "It's been a long time, my old friend." A scarred Tyrion walks through a door.

0:08: A man pickaxes his way up the Wall.

0:09: MS MR's creepy anthem "Bones" begins to play: "Dig up the bones, but leave the soul alone."

0:12: Joffrey sits on the Iron Throne.

0:14: As Catelyn and Robb Stark tour a scene of carnage, a woman's voiceover plays: "Death is coming for everyone and everything." It sounds like Melisandre.

0:15: Brief cuts to Jaime Lannister and an arrow-shooting Bran Stark.

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0:17: "The darkness that will swallow the dawn," the woman's voice continues.

0:23: An army comes to attention. Daenerys Targaryen is at its head!

0:25: "Show them how it feels to lose what they love." -- a vengeful Catelyn.

0:30: A shot of a worried Jon Snow leads into "King Beyond the Wall" Mance Raydar shouting, "I'm going to light the biggest fire the North has ever seen."

0:34: "Everyone is mine to torment." -- Joffrey, who's still the worst.

0:36: A small boat with a body on it burns. Who's dead?

0:39: "There's a beast in every man and it stirs when you put a sword in his hand."

0:45: Jon Snow and Ygritte make out.

0:46: One of Daenerys's dragons flies toward a ship.

0:54: Quick cuts of Robb, Arya Stark, Jaime, Cersei, and Tyrion. "The revenge you want will be yours in time."

What did you think of the new trailer? Are you excited by glimpses of Season 3?

Season 3 of "Game of Thrones" premieres Sunday, 3/31 at 9 PM on HBO.