'Full House' Flashback: Check Out Candace Cameron Bure's Cheesy Christmas Pic

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"Full House" is having such a moment right now that you'd think this was the vintage show getting rebooted. John Stamos joined "Necessary Roughness," admitted that Lori Loughlin was "the one who got away," and stole the show from Bob Saget at Bonnaroo. Uncle Jesse is one busy man! Saget is also feeling the tug of "Full House." He "couldn't resist" having his picture taken in front of the "Full House" home while visiting San Francisco.

But the the best "House" revival so far is courtesy of DJ Tanner (Candace Cameron Bure) and Kimmy Gibbler (aka Andrea Barber). Both girls shared the above photo that harks back to a time when Young Hollywood was not about Coachella, skinny jeans, and eyeliner. Seasons greetings from cheesy pop, toothy grins, and high necklines.

From left to right, we have DJ Tanner's "Full House" BFF Kimmy, Ben Seaver of "Growing Pains" (Jeremy Miller), Urkel from "Family Matters" (Jaleel White), and, of course, DJ Tanner (Candace Cameron Bure). 

Cameron Bure couldn't help but compare her gang with today's teen idols: "Young Hollywood 1990's. No stylist or high heels. Instead: baggie clothes pimples & healthy weight. What a concept 2 show our teens today!" 

"TGIF, people. Hollywood Xmas Parade, 1991. @candacecbure @jaleelwhite," read Barber's caption.

Barber kept the party going with this glorious shot of two totally blasé and uncheesy, cooler-than-thou supermodels just low-key hanging out and being cool in DJ's bedroom:

Barber asked the important question: "I do not understand why @candacecbure and I weren't fashion icons of our era!" No duh!

Indeed, it's hard to picture anyone famous now being so openly happy and hammy, so ... bop-a-licious. These girls would blush at the poster for "Spring Breakers," whereas we can't even picture Vanessa Hudgens in a fuzzy green sweater, especially at Christmastime. If Zac Efron wore that scarf, it would be shredded and tied around his head as a bandana or something. And can you picture Selena Gomez with uncoiffed, unconditioned curls gone wild? One more: Justin Bieber in earnest Gap argyle.

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There is no question that Young Hollywood today is cooler, skinnier, and, in a sad way, more self-conscious. It's not like it's anyone's fault. The world today contains a zillion paparazzi and almost as many social networking sites on which celebrities share (or don't share) their every little move. It's also important to note that Young Hollywood back then wasn't all ice cream sundaes and innocent grins. RIP, River Phoenix.

Nonetheless, the onscreen BFFs have inspired some major nostalgia:

Bellamabella: "I miss this era so much. Everyone wore baggy jeans and just lived life carefree…"

heidijones15: "Love this @candacecbure! You were truly healthy, and I wish there were more role models like you. So sad what is considered 'beautiful' now…"

alidmares: "Love this! You show 'em @candacecbure! Kids need to be kids!"

And former child stars need to be adults. For Barber, that means retiring from acting and being a mom and a self-proclaimed NKOTB fan. Miller makes a return to acting with a pair of Christian dramas in preproduction, according to IMDb. White hosts Syfy's "Total Blackout" and lends his voice to various animated TV projects, and Cameron Bure has always used her voice to inspire good.

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In 2011, she wrote a memoir about her battle with bulimia, "Reshaping It All: Motivation for Physical and Spiritual Fitness." You might assume that Cameron Bure's issues stemmed from life in the limelight, like her real-life brother Kirk Cameron's make-believe sister, Carol Seaver (Tracey Gold). Alas, no. Cameron Bure once told Health magazine that her issues started after she left the business: "I didn't have an eating disorder when I was on 'Full House.' My unhealthy relationship with food had nothing to do with physical insecurities, but emotional issues I was struggling with after getting married, moving to a new city, and no longer working."

These days, Cameron Bure is very active on Twitter and Instagram, has play dates with Kimmy Gibbler (yay!), and shares a home with her husband, two sons, and a daughter in SoCal. She starred in ABC Family's "Make It or Break It" and GMC's "Finding Normal," which aired in May. Best part: She makes time for cutlet fun with old co-workers Loughlin and Dave Coulier:

And she and hubby Valeri Bure make a killer burger:

The only thing missing from those burgers is cheese. After all, isn't that what we all learned from "Full House" and other TGIF delights? Cheesy = good.

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