'Franklin & Bash' Stars Preview Season 3: Hello, Heather Locklear!

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"Franklin & Bash" - "Coffee and Cream"
Heather Locklear, Breckin Meyer, and Mark-Paul Gosselaar in the "Franklin & Bash" Season 3 Premiere, "Coffee and Cream."

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do when Heather Locklear comes for you?

The audacious, smart-ass lawyers of TNT's "Franklin & Bash" are about to meet their match. When Season 3 premieres June 19 at 9 PM, Jared Franklin (Breckin Meyer) and Peter Bash (Mark-Paul Gosselaar) find that they have a new boss, Rachel, played by sexy siren Heather Locklear. And she is not amused by their playful antics or brash style.

Yahoo! TV chatted with Gosselaar and Meyer about Locklear's no-nonsense boss, Season 3's upcoming guest stars, and what they do to keep in shape for shirtless scenes.

So, Heather Locklear's your new boss! What does that mean for you guys?

Meyer: Heather comes in, she's kind of been an adversary to Stanton (the senior partner played by Malcolm McDowell) for many years. If you can't beat 'em, join 'em! He brings her into the firm and makes her one of our partners, which basically makes her our boss. And she's not as into us as Stanton is.

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Rachel doesn't think we're cute, she doesn't think we're charming. She actually thinks we're quite obnoxious and a detriment to the law firm. She from the jump cracks the whip; she puts up a wall in our office. She's basically going to deal with it as "divide and conquer" — it's Franklin or Bash, I'm not going to deal with both of these guys, I'm going to separate them. And I think that's when we're at our best — when we're pushed against the wall or meeting with someone who's a bit of a bully. We tend to act accordingly.

With changes to the firm, will we see different kinds of cases this season?

Meyer: I think our cases change episode to episode; I don't think there's one standard Franklin and Bash type case. They try to mix it up — so one day it's a murder case, the next day it's fighting for a little man, and then it's a corporate takeover type thing.

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Gosselaar: I think what Rachel ends up doing is she tries to split us up from doing cases we want to do. [If] there's a case that Franklin and Bash feel they have a good chance at doing, she'll give it to [their nemesis] Karp or take it herself.

Heather Locklear is, well, Heather Locklear. Any sexual tension there?

Gosselaar: Not from us. Not from Franklin and/or Bash. But someone in the law firm, I think, has a run at that. But she's the one that instigates a lot of that. She has ulterior motives that we're not a part of. She's just kind of keeping us in line and really just wants us out of there, out of the firm.

Meyer: If anything, there's one-sided sexual tension, in the sense that we enjoy hanging out with Rachel a little bit. But she doesn't have any desire to give us the time of day.

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What about other romantic interests for Franklin and Bash?

Gosselaar: For Bash, when they move to Malibu, there is a blond wee lass that lives next door who's a kinesiologist and a single mother, and they have a relationship that arcs throughout the whole season. And Breckin's character…

Meyer: [Assistant DA] Ellen Swatello, who's played by Rhea Seehorn, who we had in the first season and then unfortunately Rhea was very, very booked and we had to work around her schedule. We were lucky to get her on the third season, and Rhea comes back, and she and Jared have always been adversaries.

And this time, they get into many, many heated arguments that lead to many, many heated moments in the bedroom. Actually, I don't think it makes it into the bedroom — it's more like the living room!

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You always have great guest stars. Jane Seymour is coming back as Bash's mom. Who else can we expect this season?

Meyer: Yeah, Jane Seymour comes back as Peter's mom. We have Currie Graham, an awesome actor who's worked with Mark-Paul before. We have the supertalented and really funny Tom Lennon from "Reno 911." Martin Starr, Adam Goldberg … We have Heather and Nicky Whalen.

Gosselaar: Nicky Whalen plays my love interest.

What can you tell us about the premiere?

Gosselaar: The premiere, right out of the gate, we are naked. We do an interview with Piers Morgan, and we find ourselves naked at the end of the interview. Along with Heather Locklear, who remains clothed, which is very odd for her.

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Meyer: A lot of times they have legal experts on Piers Morgan arguing a particular topic. And in this case, we're all arguing … about people's rights to freedom of speech and freedom of expression.

Gosselaar: And nudity!

The show feels lighthearted and fun. Are you guys constantly cracking each other up behind the cameras?

Gosselaar: Yeah, we try to keep it light. We're definitely a lighter set, we don't have a lot of ego to get by, except for Breckin. Breckin, this year with his "Men at Work" credentials and "Franklin and Bash," his head swells a little bit.

Meyer: Oh, it's huge.

Gosselaar: It's pretty big. It's disproportionate to the rest of your body.

Meyer: And rightly so!

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Gosselaar: I think we keep it pretty light, but also expect everyone to know their s---. Everyone comes on set prepared. We never wing it. Once we do the work, we can have fun. That's sort of our motto. Let's get the work out of the way, and then we can riff.

There's nudity this year, and from the promos, it looks like more shirtless scenes. Are you guys working out more?

Gosselaar: Um, yeah I've been doing — it's not a secret anymore — prancercise.

Meyer: He is the perfect example of the results you can get from prancercising!

"Franklin & Bash" airs Wednesdays at 9 PM on TNT.