'Elementary' post-Super Bowl episode preview: Four juicy scoops from the stars

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The game is afoot!

When Sunday's Super Bowl ends, a different kind of game will begin -- one involving logic, deduction, and some crime solving. This year, "Elementary" will air in the coveted post-Super Bowl time slot with what star Jonny Lee Miller, who plays Sherlock Holmes, dubbed a "show on steroids."

The CBS crime drama follows in the footsteps of hits like "The Voice," "Glee," and "Grey's Anatomy." All of their Super Bowl episodes helped turn those shows into huge hits.

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The "Elementary" episode, titled "The Deductionist," will feature the first-year show's darkest villain yet. Might it also give us a little more insight into the recently introduced "M" (or Moriarty)? Check out four juicy scoops from Miller and co-star Lucy Liu:

1. The bad guy is really bad

The mass murderer, Martin Ennis (guest star Terry Kinney), is "probably one of the worst guys we've had," Miller revealed. "He's been in prison and he escapes ... during a medical procedure."

And he's willing to do whatever it takes to carry out his terrible crimes. "He's willing to manipulate even his own family members," Liu said. "He's myopic about what he wants to do."

2. Sexual sparks fly!

Not between Sherlock and Watson but between the irascible genius and an FBI agent named Kathryn Drummond, played by guest star Kari Matchett. She wrote the book on Ennis, and worse, an article on Holmes!

"He doesn't really like her," Miller said. In the article, "she successfully predicted some of his character flaws, his struggle with addiction. That really, really bugs him. They clash heads."

And by heads, does he mean lips?

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3. Watson is homeless

Call the movers (again) -- Watson gets evicted. Maybe she'll take up that "light housekeeping" work in exchange for living at Sherlock's house?

Holmes and Watson's relationship has evolved tremendously since she signed on as his sober companion. "The reality for her is that it goes beyond being somebody who's being paid to do this job," Liu noted. "It falls into a category beyond a career; it becomes more of a friendship, more of an intimacy that is inexplicable."

Holmes still "finds it hard to admit … he still rails against it." But it's clear he's accepted Watson in his life; witness how he defended her to her family recently. "It's a real friendship in that respect; it just doesn't have all the flowery bits."

4. Hello, Moriarty?

"Elementary" viewers got their first taste of Moriarty, or M, a few weeks ago. But his (or her?) identity was still kept secret.

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Some fans began speculating whether Kinney's character in "The Deductionist" might be the great nemesis (Martin Ennis … begins with "M"!). But that doesn't seem to be the case, judging by creator Rob Doherty's comments at the recent Television Critics Association press tour.

Even if Kinney isn't M, Miller predicts we'll meet the infamous villain sometime this seson.

"Rob is particularly aware that Sherlock Holmes fans and any Sherlock Holmes experience should include certain things, Moriarty being one of them," MIller noted. "When you've got 24 episodes in the first season -- that's a lot of television -- you've got to address that at some point."

He added, "But it's a balancing act."

Are you excited for the post-Super Bowl "Elementary" episode?

Go behind the scenes of the highly-anticipated episode airing after the Super Bowl:

"Elementary" will air at approximately 10 PM on Sunday, 2/3 after Super Bowl XLVII on CBS. The show regularly airs Thursdays at 10 PM on CBS.