'Diff'rent Strokes' Star Claims Annual Income Is $25K

Yahoo! TV

Former "Diff'rent Strokes" star Todd Bridges has dropped a bombshell: He makes less than TMZ thinks he should make.

In documents TMZ says were filed by Bridges as part of the actor's ongoing divorce case, the 48-year-old actor reputedly cites a gross annual income of $22,500: TMZ is all-caps aghast, but the number puts Bridges in the 55th percentile for single-filing U.S. earners.

And while the take doesn't compare to what Bridges banked during his heyday as a regular on the 1978-1985 hit sitcom, it's healthier than what most starving artists see. Per a 2008 Los Angeles Times report, some 72 percent of Screen Actors Guild members pull in less than $5,000 a year from acting gigs. Like Bridges, 9.7 percent, earn between $10,000 and $28,099.

Per IMDb.com, Bridges has a host of recent credits, if few A- or B-list ones. He tweeted on Monday that he was soon to start shooting a movie with Paul Sorvino.

Bridges announced he was splitting from his wife Dori last year. The two married in 1998. The two are said to be on friendly terms. Bridges has not commented on the TMZ report.

Bridges's "Difff'rent Strokes" costar Gary Coleman filed for bankruptcy in 1999. Coleman died in 2010.