'Clueless' Stars Reuniting on TV Land's 'The Exes' [Exclusive]

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CLUELESS, Donald Faison, Stacey Dash
Donald Faison and Stacey Dash in "Clueless."

Dionne and Murray, one of our favorite couples from one of the greatest movies known to personkind -- "Clueless" -- will soon reunite on TV Land's "The Exes."

Stacey Dash, who played Dionne in the 1995 big-screen gem, will guest-star in an upcoming Season 3 episode of "The Exes," which stars Donald Faison, aka Murray from "Clueless."

In a hint that the writers for "The Exes" might be fans of "Clueless" themselves, the episode's storyline revolves around Dana (Dash), a "recommitted virgin," a source tells Yahoo! TV, who meets Phil (Faison) at a bar. He, of course, pretends to be doing the revirgin-ing thang himself, and we're guessing that hilarity and Phil getting busted ensue.

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"Clueless" fans will remember that virginity was also an issue for Murray and Dionne, who proclaimed that her man was "sat-is-fied," though she was "technically" a virgin. And then she nearly killed Murray and her BFF Cher (Alicia Silverstone) while driving on the freeway in Los Angeles, and her relief at avoiding death turned to l'amour, and her "virginity went from technical to nonexistent," as Cher reveals in the "Clueless" clip below.

Faison and Dash, who also co-starred as Murray and Dionne in the 1996-99 ABC/UPN "Clueless" TV series, will be joined in their "Exes" reunion episode by guest stars Anita Barone and Missi Pyle.

Barone -- who played the chef who coveted Elaine's shoes on "Seinfeld" -- will play Julia, a woman who sets off a fierce competition between "Exes" regulars Holly (Kristen Johnston) and Haskell (Wayne Knight) when she befriends both of them at the same time.

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And country singer and actress Pyle ("The Artist") will play Sabrina, who rocks the world of Phil and Haskell's roommate Stuart (David Alan Basche) when she meets him at a bar and tells him she's interested only in sex. Stuart's looking for romance, so he rejects Sabrina's advances. Well, he wants to resist them, anyway.

"The Exes" Season 3 premieres June 19 at 10:30 PM on TV Land.