'Celebrity Apprentice': The 11 craziest fights ever [Video]

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"Celebrity Apprentice"
NeNe Leakes vs. Star Jones, Meat Loaf vs. Gary Busey , and Arsenio Hall vs. Aubrey O'Day

Sure, it's fun to watch your favorite celebrities -- OK, your favorite B- and C-list famous types -- sell sandwiches and create commercials for mops in the name of raising cash for charities. But viewers tune in to "The Celebrity Apprentice" for the meltdowns and blowouts, too, and with a sixth all-star version of the show premiering Sunday on NBC, it's a safe bet that tempers will flare and egos will clash once again.

Peruse our roundup of the 11 rowdiest rows in "Celebrity Apprentice" history, and then consider this: Five of Season 5's contestants are on the list below. (Warning: These clips contain adult language.)

Lisa Lampanelli vs. Dayana Mendoza (Season 5)

Was comedian Lisa Lampanelli just cruising through the entire season with a chip on her shoulder, especially where Miss Universe Dayana Mendoza was concerned? Or was the beauty queen truly not as savvy or qualified as the other contestants, relying on her Miss Universe looks instead, as Lampanelli charged so many times? They both might have had valid beefs with each other along the way, but Lampanelli got into verbal tiffs with several of her fellow celebs, and at one point even let her anger boil over outside the show when she used a racial slur to describe Mendoza in a Sirius XM radio interview. In the clip below, Lampanelli goes off on Mendoza with the boss -- OK, junior boss: Donald Trump Jr. -- in the room.

Lisa Lampanelli vs. Lou Ferrigno (Season 5)

You have to give it up to Lampanelli for this: She is an equal-opportunity bully. She isn't even intimidated by the Hulk! Lampanelli and Ferrigno went at it in a boardroom showdown, when he was angry about her previously calling him a loser. He told her if she were a man, he would have "thrown her right through a wall," calling her negative, mean, and vicious. Her response? The same one she always deployed to people she didn't like: "Shut up!"

Lisa Lampanelli vs. Arsenio Hall (Season 5)

First, in the clip below, Lampanelli calls both Lou Ferrigno and Dayana Mendoza "brain dead" and useless, so … yeah. But that comes after she blows up at Arsenio. He'd just had a tiff with Lampanelli's only real friend on the show, the equally outspoken and credit-grabbing Aubrey O'Day. And when Hall began referring to O'Day as a "wh---" and "b----," Lampanelli saw red, let loose with a few expletives of her own, and told Hall he was putting a dent in his reputation by using such offensive words to describe a woman. "Lisa Lampanelli is the last human being on the planet that can tell me what language I should use when I'm angry," Hall said. "That's the pot calling the kettle black." He had a point. So did she.

Arsenio Hall vs. Aubrey O'Day (Season 5)

And then there was the blowup that preceded the Hall-Lampanelli fight. O'Day had been taking credit for her team's successes throughout the show, and by this midway point of the season, Hall had had enough and called her out on it. Donald Trump acknowledged he'd recognized the same behavior in her, and her teammates said she should be fired if her team lost (they didn't). Trump even chastised her for turning on the waterworks. O'Day felt her teammates, especially Hall and Clay Aiken, had ganged up on her, so when they left the boardroom to let Trump deliberate, O'Day got in an elevator and split, leaving Hall to continue ranting about O'Day and viewers to wonder if O'Day had quit the show.

NeNe Leakes vs. La Toya Jackson (Season 4)

"Real Housewives of Atlanta" star NeNe Leakes let La Toya Jackson know she was not impressed with her family heritage, and that her last name was the only reason she was on the show, anyway. To her credit, Jackson remained relatively calm throughout the verbal tussle, with Leakes accusing her of disappearing throughout their task -- even going so far as to call Jackson "Casper the Ghost" -- and Jackson calling Leakes a loud bully. The reality star's parting shot to Jackson: "You need to play your age, and not 12. You are an old lady."

NeNe Leakes vs. Star Jones (Season 4)

This diva showdown is one of the series's most notorious moments, as Leakes, who'd grown increasingly frustrated with what she labeled as bossy and manipulative behavior by Jones, told Jones she would take her down. Jones claimed to Trump that she had nothing but good intentions when she suggested that Leakes be the week's project manager for the women's team, but NeNe was having none of it. "You pushed the last button in me, Miss Star Jones," Leakes said. "You talked a good game, but now bring your street game … now, where's Barbara Walters, Miss I'm So Educated? How educated are you on the street?"

Meat Loaf vs. Gary Busey (Season 4)

It's easy to understand how looney Gary Busey could test the patience of even the most laid-back individual, but during a Season 4 task that required each member of the men's team to have their own art supplies, Meat Loaf thought Busey had lifted some of his, and he came at Busey like -- yes, sorry, we have to say it -- a bat out of hell. So angry and loud were Meat's threats to Busey that teammate Mark McGrath had to physically hold the rocker back, while Busey looked on cluelessly. "You look in my eyes! I am the last person in the f-----' world you ever f-----' want to f--- with!" Meat screamed. PS -- The MIA art supplies were in a bag Meat Loaf had misplaced.

Cyndi Lauper vs. Holly Robinson Peete (Season 3)

Holly Robinson Peete, Cyndi Lauper, and Bret Michaels were Donald Trump's choices for who to fire after a season three task that challenged the teams to remodel a New York City apartment. Lauper was angry because she felt she'd done a lot of the grunt work, Peete claimed she'd had to babysit Lauper -- note to all future "Celebrity Apprentice" stars: no famous types like to hear the phrase "needed to be babysat" applied to them … they will not respond well to that phrase or any variation thereof -- and Michaels tried to sit by quietly and let the women duke it out. In the end, Lauper was saying Peete was too bossy, Peete was saying Lauper couldn't be bossed, and Trump decided to kick Lauper to the curb.

Joan and Melissa Rivers vs. Annie Duke and Brande Roderick (Season 2)

Melissa Rivers was fired after Annie Duke and Brande Roderick pooled their efforts against her in the boardroom, and neither daughter nor Mama Rivers took the dismissal lightly. Melissa called Duke and Roderick "wh--- pit vipers," and then Joan tore into both of them, calling Duke "a piece of s---," and "a poker player … that's beyond white trash," while labeling Roderick "a stupid blonde."

Dennis Rodman vs. Clint Back (and sanity) (Season 2)

Why did NBA alum Dennis Rodman freak out on country crooner Clint Black? Dunno. And no one else, including Rodman's teammates, seemed to know why either. Dennis being Dennis is probably the best explanation anyone could slap on it, but Rodman full-on flipped out, unspooling an expletive-filled rant at Black, repeating again and again that it's a team game, and then ripping off his mic pack and disappearing from the task for much of the rest of the episode. PS -- Rodman was the project manager for the next episode, but was fired after he started drinking during the task and acting even more erratically than he had been.

Piers Morgan vs. Omarosa (Season 1)

He had just called her a "pointless, irrelevant, ghastly little creature" when Trump called all the contestants into the boardroom to pull a little switcheroo on the team lineups. And, of course, that ended with Morgan and reality diva Omarosa becoming teammates. He whined, she told him not to be a coward, and he told Trump his British countrymen had "fought two world wars, [but] we never had to deal with this." The two managed to shake hands and agree to put their differences aside for the sake of the task, but that didn't last even a day, and ended with Omarosa saying his children don't like him and Morgan calling her a "foul-mouthed little tramp." Later, Omarosa attacked Morgan's sexuality in the boardroom, saying he's gay because he'd asked men to pose without their shirts during advertising-related tasks on the show. She was fired at the end of that boardroom, while Morgan went on to become the first "Celebrity Apprentice" winner.

"The Celebrity Apprentice" Season 6 premieres March 3 at 9 PM on NBC.