'Breaking Bad' Poster Teases 'All Bad Things Must Come to an End' [Photo]

Yahoo! TV

Should we take this as a sign? In AMC's new teaser poster for the final eight episodes of "Breaking Bad," there's smoke, there's an ominous tag line, but there are no faces … not Walter White, not Jesse Pinkman, not Hank Schrader.

Instead, the poster features a green background with smoke rising from the bottom and one foreboding phrase: "All bad things must come to an end." Past "Breaking Bad" teaser posters have all featured Walt, including shots in his tighty-whities and his hazmat suit and, in the poster promoting the first half of Season 5, a very menacing Walter White with the tag line "All hail the king."

AMC begins airing the final eight episodes of the Emmy-winning series — the second half of Season 5 — on August 11.

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Will meek chemistry teacher-turned-ruthless drug kingpin Walt (Bryan Cranston) live? Die? Go to jail? Lose everyone he loves? And what of his former student-turned-drug partner Jesse (Aaron Paul)? And Walt's DEA agent brother-in-law Hank (Dean Norris) … how involved will he be in Walt's fate in the final eight episodes, after his shocking discovery in the midseason finale?

"Breaking Bad" series creator Vince Gilligan promised Yahoo! TV recently that the series' ending will be both "satisfying" and "definitive." That — along with the hope that the Saul Goodman spinoff Gilligan is planning will come to fruition — makes this most recent reminder that one of the greatest TV shows of all time is ending a little bit easier.