Jillian Michaels Becomes a Mother of Two

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Jillian Michaels is diving into motherhood at full throttle. The trainer has not one but two new little ones at home.

After a two-year journey, Michaels finally became a mother to the Haitian girl she had long been matched with. The lengthy adoption process was completed earlier this month and she brought Lukensia, 2, home to Los Angeles.

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Coincidentally, the very week that the one-time "Biggest Loser" trainer completed her adoption of Lukensia, her partner, Heidi Rhoades, gave birth to a son. The baby boy, who they named Phoenix, was born on May 3.

“We’re swimming in babies over here,” Michaels, 38, tells People. “I don’t even answer email. I don’t have time to care about anything else. I want to be really present and enjoy all the nuances of their growth and development. I don’t want to rush any of it.”

Michaels, who now appears as a fitness expert on "Dr. Phil," has long dreamed of starting a family. In fact, when she left "The Biggest Loser" last year, she said that a larger part of the reason for doing so what to focus on bringing home Lukensia.

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“I’ve been matched with a little girl,” Michaels told Access Hollywood in November. “I went over to visit orphanages and I ended up falling in love with this little girl, and by the grace of God, I got matched up with her. So now, it’s just a matter of trying to get her home and anything can happen and fall through or fall apart, so it’s kind of premature for me to say it, but that’s where it’s at."

Jillian Michaels: 'I've Been Matched With a Little Girl'

Michaels' previously opened up about the "nightmare" adoption process to Redbook magazine. "I’ve watched friends congratulate me on [starting] the process, get pregnant themselves, have a baby, and then their baby’s crawling," she said last September, "People are lapping me. My best friend just told me she’s pregnant, and of course I’m ecstatic, but I’m also like, Uhhh! [gestures stabbing herself]. Like, I want my kid to be playing with your kids!"

Although she famously said she didn't want to get pregnant because "I can't handle doing that to my body," Michaels, who was overweight as a teen, has since revealed that she can't have children. "Turns out I had PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome)," she also told Redbook. "But at a young age, I didn't know if I wanted kids, so I didn't really care. Then I got older, and I watched friends go through IVF, with years of hormones and devastation and disappointment, and I remember thinking: 'God wants something different for me. If I choose to pursue this path, I'll adopt.'"