'Arrested Development' Behind the Scenes: George-Michael vs. The Kissing Machine [Exclusive Video]

Dave Nemetz
Yahoo! TV

A "science of kissing" experiment might sound sexy... but unfortunately for George-Michael Bluth, it's anything but.

We have an exclusive look behind the scenes at one of the funniest moments from the new season of "Arrested Development" (streaming now on Netflix), with Michael Cera's hapless George-Michael signing up for a "science of kissing" lab experiment that involves (he hopes) lots of lip-locking.

And indeed, things start out great, with a number of attractive lab assistants strapping him down and asking him to rate his pleasure on a scale of one to ten. But George-Michael won't be kissing any of them; instead, they shove a terrifying lips-and-tongue apparatus into the poor guy's face, which full-on assaults his mouth while the pretty lab assistants observe and take notes.

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The clip above includes commentary on the scene from creator Mitchell Hurwitz and prop master Greg Finn, and it's fascinating to see how much legwork and forethought went into creating what amounts to a ten-second cutaway gag. (Albeit a hilarious one.)

And don't worry about George-Michael: Once he studies abroad in Spain and grows a mustache, he'll find his own O.S. (overtly sexual) groove.

The new season of "Arrested Development" is streaming now exclusively on Netflix.