'American Pie' star in desperate need of 'What Not To Wear' makeover [Video]

Sarah D. Bunting
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Shannon Elizabeth
Shannon Elizabeth's red carpet looks

"American Pie" star turned businesswoman Shannon Elizabeth gets ambushed big-time by the "What Not To Wear" team in tonight's episode -- and not a minute too soon, either.

In the clip below, Shannon gets surprised by Stacy and Clinton on the set of a fake "home shopping" show, and at first, she seems pretty excited. She knows the "WNTW" pair and what they do...but she also admits that they might have a hard time convincing her to change things up.

We hope they prevail, because Shannon, who's started a line of vegan jewelry with her cousin Tamsen, is totally unprepared wardrobe-wise for taking meetings and making presentations, because her everyday (and we do mean every day) "style" consists of hoodies, ripped jeans, and big fluffy winter boots (...in Los Angeles).

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And Shannon's fine with it. What's more, she's full of excuses: She's only running errands! Mailing a letter! It takes hours to get ready if she's going to be on-camera! (See more of Shannon's resistance to change here.)

The real problem, we're betting, is that Shannon describes herself as "lazy" and says she hates shopping -- and she's shy. She'd rather just blend "into the wall" and disappear. Can Stacy and Clinton work with a subject who hates dresses, and the boutiques that sell them? Are there some makeover subjects that are hopeless from the start? Let us know in the comments.

"What Not To Wear" airs Thursdays at 10 PM on TLC. Join us back here afterwards for a breakdown of the makeover!