'American Idol' Superfan Anthony Hopkins Makes a Dapper Appearance at the Finale

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Anthony Hopkins is an "American Idol" superfan!

Thursday's finale of the Fox reality series was chock-full of show alums from one-time contestant Jennifer Hudson to former judge Jennifer Lopez. There were also music icons (Aretha Franklin, Frankie Valli) and viral video sensations (Psy). But a more surprising VIP in the crowd was the 75-year-old iconic Welsh actor.

That's right, the man who scared the wits out of us as Hannibal Lecter is a tried and true "Idol" fan — and, dressed to the nines, orchestrated a fun family outing to Nokia Theatre L.A. Live in Los Angeles to watch Candice Glover best Kree Harrison.

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The star of "Red 2" and "Thor: The Dark World," who attended the show with his wife Stella Arroyave and a niece, was certainly one of the style standouts on the red carpet. Dressed in a grey striped suit and white button-down shirt, he could have been going to any red carpet event. But he punched it up with some very sharp accessories — bold white-rimmed glasses (the same color as his signature locks!), black and white snakeskin shoes, which he was more than happy to kick up in a playful pose, and … rainbow striped socks.

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Hopkins is a long-time fan of the show, which will be doing a major overhaul at the judges' table before it returns next year. Through the years, he's sat in the audience with his wife on several occasions, including as recently as April when the show was down to the final six.

On the "Idol" finale pre-show, Hopkins explained what draws him to the competition series, saying, "It's young people having the courage and belief and faith in themselves to expose their talents to the world. Coming from all kinds of backgrounds — from nothing, poverty — and getting the courage to do that, going through the auditions, [and dealing with] the critics who knock everything. But they can do it. These kids can."

He also addressed his playful red carpet style, saying, "This is 'American Idol!' You have to have fun."

Fun indeed.