'America's Next Top Model': Who Will Win the British Invasion?

Angel Cohn

It's a British Invasion, Tyra-style, which means she's imported some women who have appeared on "Britain's Next Top Model" and forced them to compete against fresh-faced American gals. One might think that gives the Brits an unfair advantage, but it seems unlikely that Tyra would let someone from another country win the American title. Even though she explicitly said she wasn't biased. So using what we know about Tyra (and we can't wait to hear her terrible attempts at a British accent) and what we saw in the first episode, we've come up with our predictions of who will win "Top Model" this season.

Stats: 20-year-old from South London
First Impression: She finds Americans loud and obnoxious (or at least the sampling of Americans she's being forced to live with) and knows next to nothing about Elton John. Sure, the costume was unfortunate, but she could have given some life to those oversize glasses.
Odds of Winning: 5 to 1. She's outspoken and all legs. Sounds like another model we know.

Stats: 24-year-old from London
First Impression: She wasn't able to bring the spice to her Spice Girl in the premiere, but she's still got confidence for days. The Brit thinks she's a shoo-in to win, since she's done this before.
Odds of Winning: 11 to 1. If she's half as good as she thinks she is, she might have a fighting chance.

Stats: 22-year-old from Armadale, Scotland
First Impression: This mom of two seems nice, but this show thinks we can't possibly understand her thick Scottish accent and throws subtitles up for her. That's just condescending. And she nearly got eliminated for not being able to embody the saintly Princess Diana.
Odds of Winning: 30 to 1. She's got a long way to go to make up for her bad first impression with the judges.

Stats: 24-year-old from Milwaukee
First Impression: She's got fantastic eyebrows and an androgynous look, and she's a lesbian. Tyra loves her some labels. While she didn't wow as George Washington, she's utterly striking with her nearly bald head, and the camera seems to love her.
Odds of Winning: 4 to 1. That androgynous look is definitely marketable... not that this show has ever necessarily cared about that before.

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Stats: 22-year-old from Brooklyn
First Impression: She's done nothing especially memorable, and did only a passable job as Janet Jackson.
Odds of Winning: 20 to 1. Failure to be noticed is not a good thing in the modeling industry.

Stats: 22-year-old from Folkestone, England
First Impression: She got high praise for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth during the first challenge, and we love the name of her hometown.
Odds of Winning: 8 to 1. She's definitely a contender -- that is, if Tyra goes nuts and decides to hand the title to a Brit.

Stats: 18-year-old from Seattle
First Impression: She seemed like a lovely and smart young lady... until we found out that she put off college to do this stupid show. Not the brightest decision by any stretch of the imagination. Good thing she's gorgeous.
Odds of Winning: 10 to 1. She's got great bone structure, but Tyra slammed her for dead eyes. Those lifeless peepers will kill your chances every time.

Stats: 20-year-old from Magnolia, Texas
First Impression: This young gal was irrationally thrilled to see California (or the Universal Studios idea of California, at the very least). She played Andy Warhol for the first shoot, and wasn't aware that you shouldn't block your face with an object. To say she's green would be an understatement.
Odds of Winning: 45 to 1. She's too new to do much of anything, but we really hope she at least makes it to the round where they travel somewhere actually exotic. Her mind might be blown.

Stats: 20-year-old from Scotia, New York
First Impression: Self-deprecating is not a good quality for this show, which is all about overinflated egos. She sold her Madonna picture short, and it seemed like Kelly Cutrone wanted to ax her for that on the spot. She's also rocking some oddly crimped hair, so here's hoping makeover week is kind to her.
Odds of Winning: 40 to 1. That lack of self-confidence is not likely to be forgiven or forgotten by this harsh panel.

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Stats: 24-year-old from London
First Impression: She tells us that she works more as a plus-sized model than she did when she was skinny, so that means she might actually be intelligent enough to realize that starving yourself for this job isn't the best idea. She landed Amy Winehouse for her first character and posed like she had a stick up her butt. Not the first thing we think about when we think about the late Ms. Winehouse.
Odds of Winning: 25 to 1. Good thing she's got plus-sized gigs to return to.

Stats: 20-year-old from Pendleton, Oregon
First Impression: She's a gorgeous Native American girl with some really lovely features. Too bad this show immediately decided to put her in stereotypical Pocahontas gear, and then the judges told her she didn't look American Indian enough.
Odds of Winning: 3 to 1. We love the way she looks, and hopefully there won't be any more Pocahontas costumes in her near future.

Stats: 19-year-old from Augusta, Georgia
First Impression: She's a plus-sized gal (at least by modeling standards) who totally rocked the first challenge by portraying Michelle Obama. Maybe this will keep her parents off her back, and put off that whole dental assistant career for a bit.
Odds of Winning: 6 to 1. It's been a while since a "fiercely real" girl has made it to the end.

Stats: 21-year-old from Oxford, England
First Impression: She's optimistic that this show will help her get gigs in the American marketplace. Is she familiar with this program? Does she know what 90 percent of the girls who have come and gone before her are up to now? Working post-show isn't exactly a given. Or even the norm.
Odds of Winning: 13 to 1. The judges like that she's a blank canvas. Guess how well she'll do will depend on if she can actually follow directions.

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