'America's Got Talent' -- Week 6


It’s week six of America’s Got Talent and we’ve watched as our favorite judging trio traversed the country from Tampa to San Francisco,but the competition’s only just getting started. Before the Las Vegas round begins next week, it was time to see a few last auditions – good and bad – from the various cities. Howard Stern got to hug a strangely perky motormouth in a tight dress and Sharon lobbied for a sleepy pig to go to Vegas, but in the end,there were a few more standouts in the first round.

Most Surprising: The Pint-Sized Tapper

By her parents’ own admission, six year-old Liliana can be quite shy – until she starts to dance. Then she turns into a James Brown groove machine, with fierce (yet adorable) expressions to boot. Stern wasn’t moved by the illegal level of cuteness, but Liliana had Howie and Sharon on her side.




Talent in her DNA

21 year-old Mary Joyner was born with an abundance of talent in her very DNA; the daughter of track and field superstars Flo-Jo and Al Joyner, she has a quite a legacy to live up to – and she did not disappoint. The moment Mary began to sing “Gravity,” she pulled the audience and judges right into her orbit.


The Shy Comedian

Jacob Williams doesn’t like attention, almost to the point of vomiting when he has to go on stage. What is his career of choice, you ask? Stand-up comedy, where every audience is easily amused and polite… Wait, strike that. There was an awkward moment at the start when it looked like Jacob might forget his act, but once he found the words, they were all gold.


The 787 Represents

The 787 dance crew takes its name from the area code of their home in Puerto Rico, and the members are so confident in their ability that they paid for their own plane tickets to the audition. Their moves were dangerous and perfectly in sync, but these boys will have tough competition in the next round.