'America's Got Talent' -- Week 5, Night 1

Rachel Stuhler

The heat in the "America's Got Talent" Week 5 auditions in Tampa, Florida, brought all sorts out of the woodwork, including "worm puppeteers" with kazoos and a man who "professionally tears paper."  A word to the wise, folks -- just because AGT is looking for originality, keep in mind that some acts have never been performed in public for a reason. By the time we got to the pirate DJs/rappers, the judges were looking pretty depressed. Let's take a look at Tampa's unfortunately few memorable moments.

Most Surprising: A Little Squirrelly

No, we're not kidding -- one of the biggest acts of the night was a domesticated squirrel that just happens to water ski. Twiggy didn't get through to Vegas, but at least the furry critter had Howie on her side.


Music Box Dancer

For most acts, "AGT" is their first exposure to potential fans, but 16-year-old acrobatic dancer Lindsay Norton had her own cheering section before she even started performing. With beautiful moves and a strong sense of musicality, this talented dancer will be around for a while.


Don't Try This at Home

When Sharon saw one ramp and a bunch of cyclists and skaters on the stage, she whispered to the Howards, "What can you do on just that?" It took less than 10 seconds of the act for her question to be answered. Stern was disappointed that no one was injured during the act, but patience, sir -- this is only the first round.


They're Untouchable

Last year, Manny and Lori Castro took their sharp-moved Miami All-Stars dance troupe all the way to the top 10. This year, they brought their junior group, the Untouchables, to the stage to take another crack at the million-dollar prize. The technique was as spot-on as the kids were adorable.