'America's Got Talent' -- week 16/night 1


This is how it ends, folks -- it's time for the finals of "America's Got Talent, Season 7." Thousands of people came out to the audition cities, but just six were left standing for last night's final competition show. For the first time in "AGT" history, not a single singer remained to battle it out for the million-dollar title, and rarely has the range of talents been this diverse. From leaping dogs to leaping painters to the finals' very first comedian and one of the world's biggest instruments, it was a fight to the finish. Let's take a look at the acts most talked about by "AGT"'s vocal Twitter fans.

Most surprising: Close to perfect

Earth harpist William Close has humbly continued on his path to the finals, despite all the chatter that "AGT"'s million-dollar prize was his to lose. He heeded criticism of the singers he used in the semifinals, this time bringing in a stronger vocalist and making sure his work wasn't getting lost in the mix.

Twisted fairy tales

The audience was loving on comedian Tom Cotter last night, and with good reason. The funnyman literally rolled the dice to pick his final performance topic, and once "Poor Examples" popped up, we knew we were in for some entertainment. A lot has been made of the fact that 25-year-industry-veteran Cotter is the first comedian to make it to the finals (the judges said it three times before he even took the stage), but he didn't get there through some fluke. Win or lose, this is one performer we will see again.

Down to earth

So far in the competition, The Untouchables have been just that. But last night's "Proud Mary" dance was definitely not their high point, the routine more suited to an earlier round with less talented competitors. Sharon was still charmed by their smiling cherub faces, but Howie thought the act was a little weak and felt the need to mention rumors that the kids had trashed their NYC hotel rooms. Not a great finish for an act with so much potential.

Hot dogs

Olate Dogs has been the source of a bit of "AGT" controversy; while half of America seems entranced by these precious pooches, the other half doesn't understand why dogs doing backflips deserve a million dollars. This time, the trainers upped the performance level, wisely turning the act into a musical circus show. One of the pups did miss his last hurdle, but hey, it didn't ruin Lolo Jones's career, so we're sure the cute dog will work in this town again.