'America's Got Talent' – Week 12 – Night 1


We know that during the last two weeks, you've been glued to the Olympics, watching amazingly talented athletes use their finely tuned bodies to honor their home countries. So what can "America's Got Talent" do to top the London Games? Three words: extreme parrot tricks. Yes, last night was the You Tube show, where 12 hopeful people who've only practiced in front of the bathroom mirror got their shot at entering the competition. It was also the first we've seen of Sharon Osbourne since she announced she'd be leaving "AGT" in protest over her son's reality show dispute, but if anyone expected fireworks or an outburst, Sharon was about as mild as the YouTube talent. Though only a couple of this week's acts have a chance to make it through the next rounds, let's take a look at the most noteworthy.


Most Surprising: schooled by an academy of villains

The YouTube show had many lowlights, but Academy of Villains closed the show with enough talent to fill the entire auditorium. Their moves were tight, their act inventive, and these villains became the heroes of the night.



A Bird Named Kitten

We promised you extreme parrot tricks, and we won't disappoint. Clint Carvalho is an accomplished bird trainer, and though his act looks deceptively simple, it leaves no doubt about his skill. If Clint makes it through to the next round, we're curious to see what his charges will do next. Parrots can't juggle, can they?


Country cutie

Sixteen-year-old Bria Kelly is a solid singer, but her nerves were as loud and clear as her voice. On an otherwise humdrum night, her rendition of "Gunpowder and Lead" impressed the judges, though Sharon cautioned her not to shout so much.


Snakes on a stage

If "AGT" were looking for the "million-dollar birthday party," Eric Buss would win hands down. Unfortunately, this is a talent competition and releasing spring snakes to a soundtrack of "The Blue Danube" isn't going to get you very far -- or endear you to the judges. Stern suggested that Buss look into selling insurance, while Howie wanted him to call up Chuck E. Cheese and see if they were hiring entertainers.



Romeo Dance Cheetah

There's no need to give this act a snarky, cutesy name, because he's given one to himself. That's right, ladies, Romeo Dance Cheetah is an air guitarist and he's here to, in his own words, "melt your face off." Sharon admitted she wanted RDC in the competition simply because he's "barking mad," and Howie told him to find a real talent.