‘Liz & Dick’ trailer released: Watch Lindsay Lohan do her best Elizabeth Taylor

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The moment is here: We get to finally see how Lindsay Lohan does as the iconic Elizabeth Taylor in the Lifetime made-for-TV movie, “Liz & Dick.” On Thursday, the network unveiled a 31-second trailer of the highly-anticipated release – but it hardly gives much of a glimpse at the troubled star’s cinematic comeback.

The brief clip is mostly just snapshots of Lohan as Taylor (Grant Bowler plays her on-and-off lover, Richard Burton) with words like “infamous” and “scandalous” stamped onto them, as Alex Clare’s “Too Close” (you know, that song from the Microsoft commercials) plays. Lohan, 26, says a total of nine words in the trailer … is that a clue as to how she performs in the movie?

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But she does have a lot to say about that alleged hit-and-run she was arrested for in the early hours of Wednesday morning in New York City. Lohan was taken into custody around 2:30 a.m. as she left the Dream Hotel, two hours after a man claims she struck him with the Porsche she was driving … and then just kept on going. Although there has been conflicting reports about whether or not Lohan actually made contact with the man, the actress has a notion as to why she was arrested, even if it doesn’t really make sense.

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“A paparazzi sat on the hood of my friends car and they arrested me,” Lohan tells HollywoodLife.com. “It’s so absurd, completely unfair and unjust. It’s just because it’s me – it’s unfortunate.”

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