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Take the Plunge: Get Married Aboard a Sub in Barbados

Take the Plunge: Get Married Aboard a Sub in Barbados

Take the marital plunge while taking a plunge aboard a sub in Barbados (Photo: Atlantis Submarines/Facebook)

A destination wedding on the ocean: nice. A destination wedding  under the ocean: epic.
On the island of Barbados, undersea touring company Atlantis Submarine is offering couples the chance to hold their nuptials 130 feet below the Atlantic in one of its 65-foot luxury subs. 

Your floating chapel: You can get married about one of Atlantis’ 65-ft. subs (Photo: Atlantis Submarines/Facebook)

Atlantis has been offering the service sporadically since the 1980s. But for the 2014-2015 season, it decided to make it a regular option for tourists. “When we look at the fact that today’s young couples are even more adventurous than years before and sometimes are seeking the less traditional, we decided to relaunch,” Atlantis Submarines-Barbados general manager Roseanne Myers says on the company’s website. 

Atlantis takes care of everything: all you need to bring are the marriage license, guests and your money, of course (Photo: Atlantis Submarines/Facebook)

As part of your wedding experience, all you need is a marriage license and 30 guests (that’s the minimum number you need to get exclusive use of the 48-person sub). It costs about $150 per person, but the bride and the groom dive for free. The VIP package comes with all the trappings of an above-ground wedding — cocktails, Champagne, hors d’oeuvres — plus things you don’t normally get at weddings such as a fish-eye view of the ocean. 

The fish can be your witnesses (Photo: Atlantis Submarines/Facebook)

Atlantis even decorates the sub to look like a reception hall. It remains to be seen if there’s room for dancing on the compact 65-foot sub, but here’s a musical selection tip: it might be considered bad form for your first dance to be to “Titanic’s” “My Heart Will Go On” on a submarine. 
The entire trip lasts about 90 minutes. The price includes round-trip transfers from your hotel.
Atlantis calls its wedding service the “How Deep Is Your Love” package. And because we know that Bee Gees song is now stuck in your head…

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