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Travel Horoscope: Check Your Stars, Pack Your Bags, and Go!

Travel Horoscope: Check Your Stars, Pack Your Bags, and Go!Israeli postage stamp from 1961 designed by I. Blaushild (Photo: Karen Horton)

This #travelscope is for the week of July 14-20, 2014


Aries: The pieces are all coming together for you, Aries. You just need to slow things down enough so that you can grasp the love and beauty coming toward you. Lounge in a hammock on St. John’s Cinnamon Bay, or stroll through the historic Hawaiian town of Hanalei in Kaua’i, with its beautiful beaches and art galleries. This is exactly what the Moon in your sign and Venus are wanting for you this week.

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woman hammock beach

Relax on the beach in a hammock. (Photo: Veer)

Taurus: The Moon in your earthy sign this weekend and Venus close by are bringing up your love of the land — and your desire for more of it for yourself. It’s buying time, Taurus! Whether it’s purchasing a home in sunny Southern California or an investment property in beautiful Baja, Mexico, your thoughts are revolving more and more around this these days. Time to start checking these places out so you can start settling in.

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baja mexico

Beachfront bungalows in Baja (Photo: Veer)

Gemini: Venus has spent the last few weeks in your sign, showering you with much love and attention. Now as it shifts out this week, why not honor its passing with an art-infused trip to Italy? Be rendered speechless in front of Michelangelo’s “David” or Botticelli’s “Birth of Venus” at the Uffizi Gallery in Florence. Be uplifted and inspired by just walking around Rome, where the layers of history are built directly upon each other, proving that art doesn’t have to reside only in a museum. Then bring that appreciation and love back home into your daily life, just as Venus would like you to do.

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birth of venus florence

The Birth of Venus (Photo: Context Travel/Flickr)

Cancer: You have a little planetary push-pull happening this week, Cancer. Mars wants you to go go go, get out and see the world, but the Sun and Jupiter want you to slow down and enjoy your surroundings for a while. Since we all need to appease the planets (and have fun while we do it!), why not satisfy them with a trip to transcendental Tanzania? Explore the wild side as you go on safari in the Serengeti. Then relax on pristine Pemba Island with its crystal-clear water and incredible white-sand beaches. A little adventure, a little quiet, a lot of learning about the many faces of one place; it’s a win-win week for all.

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safari giraffe

Experience a safari in the Serengeti. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Leo: Jupiter makes a bold move this week and jumps into your sign for the next year, giving you a well-deserved boost. You should start feeling like you’re on top of the world. Why not grab a congratulatory cocktail and get a good look at the new view from the top of the Space Needle in Seattle? Or check it out while on a canopy climbing tour of the Redwood Forest. Enjoy your new journey on this new expansive horizon that Jupiter is bringing you — good things are coming your way, so be open and ready. 

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space needle seattle

Check out the view from the Space Needle. (Photo: Noel/Flickr)

Virgo: Jupiter’s movement this week is giving you a more expansive look at your world, making you want to go deeper and further than before — so take the plunge and dive right into the clarity. From the pink sandy beaches and bright blue waters of Bermuda to the crystal clear waters surrounding the Great Barrier Reef in Queensland, Australia, the colors within them shine so brightly! Now … how about within you?

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The crystal blue waters in Bermuda (Photo: Thinkstock)

Libra: As Mars prepares to leave its stay in your sign, it wants to make sure you’ve integrated the lessons it was presenting you. Move forward without the drama and let any lingering issues float away on the Indian Ocean as you relax into the supportive sands of coastal Mozambique. Or spend some time near an ancient volcano (a Mars creation) while you snorkel around Molokini Crater off the coast of Maui. Be courageous and be a trailblazer, just as Mars would like you to be.

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molokini crater maui

Snorkel at the Molokini Crater in Maui (Photo: Thinkstock)

Scorpio: Saturn is sitting squarely in your sign now, making you calm, cool, and collected. You are becoming a master of yourself and of your free time. Focus in on the Maldives and colorful Male, the original “ocean city,” where you can hop to any of the islands in a flash and go from exciting and urban to quiet and tropical in an instant. Or journey to Gujarat, the Jewel of the West in India, where you can see some of the best that India has to offer all in one spot, from temples and castles to camels and lions, as culture and tradition abound. These days, efficiency in everything is your personal motto.

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gujrat india

Walk through the temples in Gujrat (Photo: Thinkstock)

Sagittarius: Mars is shifting and giving you a chance to make sure you’ve absorbed the bigger lessons presented to you over the last few weeks. Lessons of recognizing opportunities and grasping them, of reaching out to others and making connections, and of starting on a new journey toward making change in the world by starting with your world around you. You have extensive support this week, from across the United States to Southeast Asia and into Western Europe. Your horizon has been set before you, and it is vast and far-reaching. Now you can choose where you want to go next.

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woman hands raised

Start a new journey. (Photo: Veer)

Capricorn: As Mars gears up to make a move, spend some time and make sure you have taken the steps toward a brighter future for yourself. For you, Capricorn, Mars is triggering your career expression, asking you to make sure it is exactly as you want it to be. If you feel it isn’t as it should be, take reflective time now to sort it out as you meander along the beaches of the Dominican Republic or Hawaii (where you can also join up with your favorite Libra and Aries pals). Some key words to incorporate into your grand plan: balance, support, and friendship. 

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dominican republic

Walk on the beaches in the Dominican Republic. (Photo: Thinkstock)

Aquarius: The Moon’s movement into your sign and some additional planetary changes may get you thinking back to the things that matter most to you: love, friendship, purpose, and being of service. Consider a volunteering trip in Western Africa. This could certainly change your perspective on your place in the world and how you want to use your precious time here. Or take your beliefs and sense of service to Washington, DC, where you can fight for your rights and march on the Mall. Gather with kindred spirits this week, Aquarius, and keep the focus on helping others. 

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western africa

Spend time as a volunteer in western Africa. (Photo: United Nations/Flickr)

Pisces: As protest-loving Mars exits your sign to make way for the Moon early this week, try to merge these two energies and be inspired to action. What a better place to be than Paris, the City of Lights that glows with beauty, poetry, and art, but whose heart lies with “La Révolution!” Or head north to London, the original home of punk rock, where iconoclasts weren’t afraid to express themselves through their music, fashion, and politics. This week, listen for that call to action, and let your beliefs keep you energized and engaged. 

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(Photo: Getty Images)

Our travel astrologer Alexia Neonakis is a graduate of New York University’s Gallatin School of Individualized Study and the Ayurvedic Institute in New Mexico, where she studied with Dr. Vasant Lad and Dr. Claudia Welch. She has been analyzing Vedic charts professionally for over seven years, but has been drawing up charts for everyone she knows since she was about 13 years old. 

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