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The Perfect... Travel Shoe

Paula Froelich
Editor at Large
May 19, 2014

What: Crocs Adrina Flat

Cost: $39.99

Why: Before you look at me and scoff, “CROCS? Are you KIDDING me?!” Let me assure you—I am not jesting. Here’s the deal: I hate flip-flops. The strap in between the toes chafes, your feet just get grimy and filthy, and worse, they look disgusting. What’s a girl to do? Get some Crocs! The Adrina flat has the function of a flip-flop—you can throw them on at a moment’s notice, they’re super comfortable and you can walk for miles in them without your dogs barking. Even better, they’re plastic, which means if they get dirty you can wash them off and (bonus): if you travel to some sketchy places like I do, you can wear them in the shower, like I did in Iraq. Fun Fact: The Adrina’s predecessor, the Carlie, which sadly, is no longer made, have been dubbed my “Iraqi Shower Shoes.” I love them. They are also durable. Three years and thousands of miles later, they are still alive and kicking. And best of all, the shoes—which can be dressed up or down—are cheap. 

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