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Where Beach Meets Bleach: The Most Gorgeous Hotels in the Greek Cyclade Islands
Aenaon Villas This small hotel on the island of Santorini is comprised of seven luxury villas featuring fireplaces, private verandas, and high-end decor details. Elevated atop the less crowded northern curve of the area’s caldera, the Aenaon Villas property is set up for upscale couples searching for a private retreat (there are no children under 12 permitted – instead, there’s room service and personal butlers). Aesthetically pleasing, the hotel presents tall stone walls curving around a traditional blanched-white facade with cutout windows and archways. Dark earth tones, reminiscent of mud or clay, are painted in window and door frames and accent the stone walls.

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Where Beach Meets Bleach: The Most Gorgeous Hotels in the Greek Cyclade Islands

August 29, 2014

By Katherine Alex Beaven

Covered in sandy beaches, surrounded by the Aegean’s blue crystalline waters, and featuring traditional, smooth white architecture against dark volcanic rock, the Cyclades are some of the most famous islands in the world. With outstanding beauty and sweeping sea views from almost every angle, it’s not surprising that this gorgeous collection of Greek Isles has goddess origins.

According to Greek mythology, a small set of sea nymphs infuriated Poseidon, God of the Sea, and thus promptly found themselves turned into tiny islands. While legends of Greek deities may have come and gone and changed over time, these islands remain – and as dazzling as ever. Lucky for us mere mortals, some of the hotels found here are just as stunning as the Cyclades themselves. Be they “God’s-eye-view” boutiques cut into volcanic cliffs, ultra-luxe properties nestled along the turquoise waters of the Aegean, or traditional caves boasting breathtaking architecture, these are some of the Cyclades’ most stunning hotels.

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