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The Extreme Fantasy Summer Camp Your Kids Will Love

The Extreme Fantasy Summer Camp Your Kids Will Love

(Photo: Pali Adventures Summer Camp)

Make-believe just got real. Each June, as the school year ends, parents begin to wonder how they’ll keep their kids busy—and sane—through the summer months.

The idea of sleepaway camp is often met with childish grunts and groans about bad food, boring activities and mosquito bites. While there’s no cure for the bug population, the idea of camp just got a makeover. Pali Overnight Adventures overnight camp goes beyond canoeing and campfires by offering children and teens extreme escapades. From learning Hollywood stunts to culinary skills, these are just 4 of the 17 highly unique camps being offered this summer.

stunt summer camp

(Photo: Pali Adventures Summer Camp)

1.) Hollywood Stunt Camp

This summer your child can star in their own blockbuster action movie. Campers can discover what it’s like to be a true Hollywood stuntman by learning straight from industry professionals. Starting with basic maneuvers like shoulder rolls, these skills are taken to the next level with the introduction of a mini trampoline that allows kids to tumble over obstacles. The final skill — and the one that makes parents nervous — is learning how to safely fall off of scaffolding and rooftops up to 20 feet high. Don’t worry, there’s a dedicated medical staff on-site!

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secret agent summer camp

(Photo: Pali Adventures Summer Camp)

 2.) Secret Agent Camp

In Mission Impossible, Tom Cruise made being a secret agent seem like the coolest job ever. At Pali Overnight Adventures, campers can gain insight into international espionage by learning strategies and military tactics all on the paintball field. What’s the point in testing out spying capabilities without a little archery, riflery, high ropes, rock wall, zip line and motor sports? All of these skills can be put to use in carefully planned secret raid missions involving a lot of water balloons, shaving cream and stink bombs. Campers who sign up for the 2-week secret agent camp get the opportunity to attend an overnight hike that includes nighttime laser tag designed to see if they have what it takes to join the ranks of the CIA.

culinary summer camp

(Photo: Pali Adventures Summer Camp)

 3.) Culinary Camp

If your child can throw down in the kitchen, then the culinary camp is definitely the right fit. Campers learn technical skills like roasting, sauteing and chopping, as well as some recipes that they can take home and share with their families. The recipes are designed to be kid friendly, but allow for experimentation in the kitchen not typically allowed at home. Some menu items include green curry, Bavarian mints and beef stroganoff.

rock star summer camp

(Photo: Pali Adventures Summer Camp)

 4.) Rock Star Camp

To creating the next pop hit, to shaking your thang on stage, rock star camp teaches campers writing, producing and recording with the help of industry professionals. “I worked in music for years,” says counselor Jesse Edwards.” I wanted to share that knowledge and fell in love with this experience of teaching kids. They get to try out their dreams in a safe and secure environment.” By the end of the session, campers reach star status by recording a song in the on-site recording studio. Watch out Katy Perry!

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If those four sessions don’t appeal to your child,  then there are 13 other camps to choose from including flying trapeze, film, DJ and even girl power. Every camper chooses one specialty as their morning focus, but can also choose from over 70 different adventures including yoga, zip lining, EuroBungee and high ropes for their afternoon activity. In other words, a child can learn choreography at dance camp in the morning, while spending the afternoon playing paintball, flying on a trapeze, and driving ATVs on 74 scenic acres. “We give each child access to the most thrilling, fun, and unforgettable activities on the planet allowing them to design their own ultimate summer camp adventure,” says Andy Wexler, founder and Executive Camp Director.

Ready to sign up? Best for ages 8-16, single sessions start at $1,865 and go up to $6,900 for a four-week session. That price includes room and board in modern cabins, all activities, a DVD of their experience, and take home gifts from their chosen specialty. The sessions go from June to August and sign up is happening now.

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